Jul 6, 2019

Shocking Democrat Plans

Recently the Democrat leaders in Washington have started showing their plans to the public.  If you know how these things work, then you know that all groups meet, discuss, and plan out their strategies before they go public.  Once they make their plans and are ready, they gradually start showing the public what they intend to do.  The Democrats are no different in their planning actions.  However, now those plans are beginning to become apparent to the average American.  The Democrats are showing a plan that clearly not only violates your rights, but it will completely destroy the Bill of Rights and your future.  If you don't believe this, then consider just three of their leaders, but have faith there are way more than the three noted here.  Below you will see clearly what three of their Congressional leaders are planning for your America:

Nancy Pelosi-
In responding to President Trump's concerns that illegal immigration is a national emergency, Pelosi, who has long advocated strict gun laws that would continue to trounce on the 2nd Amendment, stated that a future Democrat President could declare a national emergency in gun violence.  Nobody reading her statement or hearing her heard anything except "gun confiscation."  Pelosi as Speaker has become one of the leaders in the Democrat's drive to disarm the American public and implement new laws to weaken the 2nd Amendment.  Not only are these statements directly contrary to the Bill of Rights which states that the right to bear arms "shall not be infringed," but they clearly and openly declare the leadership of the Democrat Party has an intention of future gun confiscation and that it has been discussed, planned, and plotted by the highest people in their party. 

Eric Swalwell-
Swalwell is not only a Democrat Representative in a high powered position, but he is also a current candidate for President of the United States.  Yes - President!  In a Twitter dispute with an American citizen, actually several of them, Swalwell suggested the government would confiscate guns in the future (sound familiar to Pelosi above?).  When the citizens stated that they would not stand for this type of treatment and that it might lead to protest or even war against the government for violating the 2nd Amendment, Swalwell responded that any conflict would be "a short one because the government has the nukes."  Swalwell not only threatened to confiscate guns from the American public - a violation of the 2nd Amendment - he outright stated that any protest against that confiscation might result in a nuclear strike.  Now we are not talking about a nuclear attack against on a foreign power here!  He is clearly saying he would not only fire atomic weapons against Americans, but he would shoot them at Americans on U.S. soil.  Swalwell takes the gun confiscation platform of the Democrats and ups it to a form of a dictatorship that they falsely accuse Trump of doing.    Anytime the government threatens the people with violence to gain compliance with illegal actions, then you have the makings of dictatorship and a country that looks very different from our Republic.  He is outright throwing the 1st Amendment and the right to address your government out the door!  Keep in mind also, this Swalwell wants to be President - in other words, he wants the button and the power to launch those nukes he so freely threatened to use on Americans.

Frederica Wilson-
You may remember Democrat Congresswoman Wilson of Florida and her recent threats.  If you do not remember her, think constant"Rodeo" attendee or "Macho-Man Look-Alike."  Now, in all seriousness, friends especially, please pray for me because I just made fun of Wilson's dress and hat and I know this is going on social media. If Wilson has her way, I will be prosecuted for making fun of a member of Congress.  Sorry lady, you kinda open yourself up with your 1970s Rhinestone Cowboy look there....oops, did it again!  Anway, Wilson stated that anyone making fun of Congress members should be prosecuted and put in jail.  She not only said they should be placed in prison, she outright said that they need legislation to make that a law.  So, Pelosi attacks your 2nd Amendment rights, Swalwell attacks your rights to address your grievances to the government and violates your 1st Amendment rights.  He further throws your 2nd Amendment rights out the window.   Wilson takes the Democrat platform further and attacks your 1st Amendment rights by throwing your freedom of speech out the window without the threat of military strikes on U.S. soil, but instead with laws implemented to remove your rights.

These leaders of the Democrat Party have clearly stated their objectives.  They want to throw out the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment and virtually walk all over your freedom!  If they are successful, how long do you think it will be before the freedom of religion, the freedom of the press, and the rest of your freedoms come under attack?  If they genuinely want to confiscate guns, stop you from talking negatively about them, then do you really think that is all they want?  If they are publically saying this stuff now, you can bet they have planned, plotted, and calculated the correct time and place to start their attack.  You can also be assured that they have a lot more in their plans than what has been told so far.  The America they want is not the America of the Republic, but it is an America of a new rule and new order that will not resemble anything our Constitution and Bill of Rights has promised.  It is apparent that Democrats want your voice, the voice of freedom, gone from the United States.  Perhaps Washington summed it up best when he said, "If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter."

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