Jul 22, 2019

Just Fix It, Chuck

Chuck Schumer's cages are inhumane
At 8:18 p.m., on July 19, 2019, Chuck Schumer twitted on his official account the statement below:

"Humans being locked in cages.  To see these people, coming to America in search of a better life, treated in such inhumane conditions.  This is heart-wrenching.  This is wrong.  This is not who we are.  This has to end.  Now." 

Senator Chuck Schumer is not a new politician.  Let's keep in mind that he has been serving since 1981, in one form or fashion in Congress.  Chuck's resume reads like a man climbing the policial mountain.  He has served as the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Senate Democrat Caucus, he has served as the Chair of the Senate Rules Committee, and he has served as Chair of the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee.  To put it bluntly, Chuck has been around a long time.  In fact, Chuck has been in Washington for 38 years.  38 years is an impressive record for Chuck.  He has served in Congress, the place where laws are made and spending are determined, for nearly 40 years now.  

Chuck is very concerned about the inhumane cages being used at the border.  Now, a basic Internet search, and a review of Congressional records, as well as presidential actions, will show that these "cages" that Chuck is concerned about were built and put into operation in 2015.  

Wait? 2015?  You mean to say that these cages were built long before President Trump took office?  Yes, these cages were built and put in place in 2015.   Now, President Obama served as President from January of 2009 to January of 2017.  President Obama was a two-term, Democrat President - you know, the same party as Chuck is a member, and President Obama actually oversaw the development of the cages in 2015 - you know, like when he was still President and Chuck was helping fund the cages.   

Now, if we consider that the cages had to be funded - that would mean Congress has to put the money out, right?  So, that would mean that Chuck had to be one of the people that approved and knew that funding was going to these cages.  Did Chuck think the cages - clearly indicated to be used for illegal immigrants - would actually be used for something different?  Was Chuck so dumb, or did Chuck just not pay attention to the fact that he was voting and allowing money to fund cages for human beings?  Maybe Chuck was missing at those meetings - I don't know, perhaps it was campaign time for him.  Or, maybe...just maybe Chuck was supporting a Democrat President as they cooperated with each other and developed the cages for human beings because they were in the same party together.  

Chuck Schumer, you're right, it's "heart-wrenching."  Sadly, you would have absolutely no concern at all for these people in "cages" until well after there is a Republican President in office trying to fix the problems you helped create.  Yes, Chuck...you not only helped create the problem, but you also funded it, approved it, and looked the other way while it benefited your party.  The minute a President tries to actually do something to fix the issues at the border, all you want to do is jump on Twitter and sound like a cheerleader for the people being held in your cages.  

Well, Chuck, let's not mess around here with your history.  You supported these cages, and now you want to distance yourself and your party from them, but the ties are simply too deep.  The American people are not stupid, and no amount of Tweets from you will ever change that fact.  You are acting like a fake and fraud.   With 38 years of knowledge, experience, and the ability to make change happen, we deserve more from you.  Maybe it's just time for you to do your job and just fix it, Chuck. 

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