Sep 13, 2019

Beto O'Rourke Masters "Flip-Flop Magic"

Beto O’Rourke shared his "Flip-Flop Magic" with America last night. You know the type of magic that can have a person saying one thing one day and the complete opposite the next day? Yeah, that's "Flip-Flop Magic."

In 2018, Beto sounded like the Democrats of old - you know the ones with the"Put a man on the moon," and "We'll die with our guns in our hands" type of Democrat that many of us grew up around. These Democrats often were in close alignment with Republicans on many issues. It made it easy for us to all come to the table, discuss issues and compromise, develop policies, and move America forward. In those glory days- that's what I'll call them - of our Democrat friends, these words by Beto should not only sound familiar, but they should stir you:

“Well, to be clear, they should have them. If you purchased that AR-15, if you own it, keep it. Continue to use it responsibly,” said O’Rourke. “I think Texas has a real opportunity to lead on this issue right now because we so jealously guard that Second Amendment. We believe in it. We’ll defend it.” - Beto O'Rouke on “The Chad Hasty Show” April 2018

Beto actually looks like an American there, doesn't he? Well, that all changed last night. Whether Beto was playing to a specific audience, trying to sound tough on guns, or just showing off his "Flip-Flop Magic" abilities, he suddenly seemed like a Socialist Dictator from some third world country trying to impress himself and elevate himself as the top ruler, lawgiver, and enforcer for the entire nation. Beto's "Flip-Flop Magic" became glaringly apparent as he told a story about children being killed by AR-15's and then made the following statement:

“Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” - Beto O'Rourke Third Democrat Debates 9-2019

No, you are not reading that wrong. "Flip-Flop Magic" Beto O'Rourke has gone from respecting law-abiding gun owners to outright screaming curse words and telling America on live television that if elected, he will - note this is not he might, he might ask you, he might ask you to give it up - no, he is "GOING TO TAKE YOUR AR-15, YOUR AK-47". This is not a debate, it's not a discussion, it's not a "We'll negotiate." No, this is an outright declaration that if elected President of the United States, he will throw the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights out the window and take your guns.

To my Democrat friends - is this the type of candidate you want to support? Do you want someone who will take your guns? Maybe you don't have an AR-15 or an AK-47. Perhaps you just have a hunting rifle or a handgun or a shotgun. I mean surely he did not mean he would take those too, did he? I mean if a person will take one gun away from you, what would stop him from taking another firearm away from you? What would stop him from suddenly deciding that since we don't need the Second Amendment, we really don't need the First, Third, Fourth and so on - after all, wouldn't "illegal search and seizure" need to be tossed out too so that he could take your guns? Wouldn't the "freedom of speech" need to be removed so he could keep you silent about his actions? Do you really think Beto would stop with just two types of guns? Do you think he would finish with only one set of your rights?

Well, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Beto doesn't have that "Flip-Flop Magic" going. Perhaps he is just blowing smoke as he screams and yells his plans to a cheering audience. I mean, it's not like anyone else in history has ever screamed, yelled, listened to the cheering crowds and then removed guns, rights and eventually lives that interfered with his plans, right? ...

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