Sep 25, 2019

Congressional Democrats Continue to Get NOTHING and Do NOTHING

There is an ancient saying... "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me," and the Democrats simply do not get it.  They have collectively allowed, if not outright encouraged, President Trump to make them look like fools on several occasions. Now the Democrats have decided to continue this foolish path with impeachment proceedings. 

Consider the Democrat Machine's history to this point:
  1.  They yelled before Trump could even be sworn in that he had ties to Russia and was conducting business with Russia.  They yelled this even as he was stepping down from his companies to work as the President, but they still yelled about his worldwide business and NOTHING came from it.

2.  They conjured up a porn star to say she was paid to keep her mouth shut about sexual relationships with Trump.  The case was dismissed, and in fact, the judge ruled that the porn star and her lawyer had to pay Trump's legal fees.   While we would like to say NOTHING came of this, the fact is Trump's legal costs were covered - finally, the Democrats had some success!  Later the lawyer was arrested, and it has since been reported in some circles that the porn star was lying.

3. They attempted to block Trump's Supreme Court Nomination by having a woman come up to testify - you know because she is so brave now 30 years later - about a sexual encounter where the future judge forced himself on her in a sexual nature - 30 years ago, at a party, located someplace, somewhere, on some date, that nobody could seem to remember the exact details including this woman.  The woman was surprisingly able to pay off her new beach home, disappeared after testifying and was hailed as a "Hero" by Democrats - not sure what their definition of a hero is at this point BTW.   In the end, there was NOTHING for them to use.   Even now, there are reports it was all a lie -you know, from someday, somewhere, someplace, at some point in the past - but who the heck knows for sure!

 4.  They then continued their Russia Collusion claims and tried to show how the President allegedly cooperated with Russia to work on winning the elections.  Naturally, they never mentioned the various ties that Hillary Clinton had to Russia - not as a businesswoman, but as the Secretary of State of the United States, a former member of Congress, and a former first lady of the United States - no, somehow all of that was ignored only to have a report that showed Trump had NOTHING to do with Russia during the elections.

5.  Then the Democrats attempted to use their power in Congress to get Trump's tax returns.  It was a move that even the IRS said was politically motivated when they said that they would not allow a citizen's tax returns to be "weaponized."  They filed and pushed, and in the end, Democrats got NOTHING to this day.

6.  Democrats then turned to states and local cities where they had friends and pushed to get rules to where President Trump had to release his tax returns to them or in some places he could not be on the ballot without releasing his tax returns.  Federal courts continue to strike that purely political move down and again the Democrats get NOTHING.

7.  Now Democrats are yelling for impeachment.  They are not only citing the old, disproven information again - cause apparently, they do not understand when you have NOTHING that you have "NOTHING."   So impeachment is going to proceed with full Democrat support and what are they going to get?  NOTHING.  The push will not make it through the Senate, and once again Democrats will be left with egg on their face for their futile, waste of time.

While it is easy to dismiss and laugh at all the complete failures of the Democrat Party to attack Trump, it equally disturbing.  Since before Trump took office, Democrats have worked, tried to pull strings, pushed for outside help, and done everything in their power to discredit and now they are pushing to remove the lawfully elected President of the United States.  They want to remove him, not because he has done anything illegal or wrong, but because they don't like him.   The Democrat dislike for the President is so severe for one reason and one reason only - he is doing precisely what he said he would do for the nation, and he can not be bought.  They can not walk into the President's office and buy him.  Democrats simply do not like that.

They have attacked the President and his supporters and gotten NOTHING.

They have slandered the President and his supporters and gotten NOTHING.

They have used their positions to attack the President and his supporters and got NOTHING.

They have used their supporters and friends to attack the President and their supporters, and they have gotten NOTHING. 

The sad thing is we have allowed the Democrats in Congress to receive a yearly salary for nearly four years now to do NOTHING except attack a President with baseless lies and false accusations.  The people in those districts represented by Democrats should think long and hard the next time they go to the polls. While these Democrats have focussed on Trump, they have completed neglected the people who elected them, and that is the ultimate shame in all this fiasco.

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