Sep 15, 2009

The Truth In Joe Wilson

Okay, let’s face the facts. Joe Wilson screwed up. He called the President of The United States a liar in front of a joint session, all the major television networks, the President’s family, the nation and the world. That was not cool and Joe knows it.

Joe knows it was not right to call the President a liar because he apologized in an ad, he apologized in front of the press, and he called the White House to apologize to the President. The President accepted his apology. Now the nation should be ready to move on.

But wait! Not too fast because the Democrats have realized that Joe said what the rest of the world was thinking. Joe not only spoke the truth, but Joe is making money with it. We all know that guys named Joe have been a problem for Obama (remember the plumber). Now here is a Joe again making problems and making money. Now, a Republican raising money for a campaign…that’s something the Democrats can’t stand. For all their years of pointing at the Republican Party and calling us the “rich” and the “elite” and the “Big Business Types” what the Democrats know is that they are all those things. You don’t believe me? Who raised the most money in the last Presidential Race? Who had an entire television network paid for so he could present his agenda twenty-four hours a day? Who has the biggest wallets in Washington? If you’re searching for the answer, I’ll give it to you, Democrats. I’m not saying there isn’t money in the Republican Party. Sure there is rich Republicans. After all, they worked hard for their money and worked on the ideas of this country to build businesses and industry and help make America the Industrial Power it has been.

So, here we have Joe the Republican making a little money off his mistake. Just in case we all forgot, President Obama has already accepted the apology. Now the Democrats, knowing they are in power and wanting the money have formally rebuked Joe Wilson. They “Rebuked” him…man, talk about a group of people having a ‘Jesus Complex’. Here you have politicians calling politicians liars and other politicians upset about it.

So, here’s my message.
Democrats: Get over it. You got the money, you have the power, and you’re in charge. Go on with you agenda and leave Joe alone.
Republicans: Well, what can I say? Maybe Joe fired the first true political shot at Obama’s plan in this time of crisis for our country. But Joe, when you know the truth, sometimes it’s best to tell people in another, more positive way.