Sep 24, 2009

Enough is Enough!

I heard an old saying a long time ago “Enough is enough”. The saying basically means that the person stating it is tired of something, that something has grown old, or that the person will not accept something anymore. Well, to me enough is enough. Let me take a moment to explain. When Barack Obama wanted to speak to the school children I wasn’t too concerned. I know a lot of my fellow Republicans were, but I wasn’t for two reasons. First, whatever he said was going to get out and back to us through different means and Obama knows that. Second, other American Presidents have spoken to schoolchildren before. President Reagan addressed school children, President Clinton did, and President George W. Bush did. In fact, George W. Bush was reading to schoolchildren on 9-11 when cowards attacked. So, as I said, I wasn’t too worried about Obama. He spoke, the world listened, and the next day we all went back to our lives satisfied that Obama was not raising a Socialist Army in our school children.

Now, on to the “Enough is enough” stuff. As I said, the speech to school children did not bother me. However, the link I found on Facebook today did. In this link, you see school children preparing for some sort of song or show. Apparently these teachers, who by the way are never brave enough to show their own faces, have taught these children such lines as “they are equal in his sight” (in Obama’s sight?). They go on to sound like they are praising Obama even chanting his name as “Barack Hussein Obama” several times. Once the song is ready to go, the children sing to the tune of The Battle Hymn of The Republic with the words changed to talk about Obama. Now if you study history, you’ll find the words we use today were not the original words to The Battle Hymn. It originally stated, “John Brown’s body is…” Sometime later, the song was changed to “My eyes have seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord…” The change in words would transcend generations after the revolt by John Brown prior to the Civil War. The song is sung in churches across America today as a religious hymn and it has rightfully taken its place in those churches as a hymn. However, these teachers use the song with school children, change the lyrics to praise Obama and then have them memorize it. To a Christian, this should be close to outright blasphemy, to a Democrat or Republican (Christians or not) it should a be great cause for concern when anyone, even a President, is elevated to God’s status or to god-like status in the eyes of children or the public.

“I am” is an interesting set of words we use daily. “I am a Republican,” “I am a Christian,” and others ways “I am” is used. However, only one person in history has used it in the context of simply “I am” and that person is God of the Holy Bible. Once again, I have reason for concern about this video. Beyond the concern of the song, the constant drilling of Obama Praise, and the apparent blasphemous use of The Battle Hymn, I find that the poster, shown at about 1:02 into the film, contains the top line of “I am”. The poster then skips a line and has “Barack” on it. Seems to me that they could have made a poster large enough to say “I am Barack” all on one line unless they wanted to have the pause indicated before the next line of the poster was read to imply that Barack is “I Am.” If you think I’m stretching here just a little too much, then consider this: why would they need a poster saying, “I am Barrack Obama”? Are they afraid that someone might forget? Are they afraid Obama might forget? Or, as I believe, are they trying to imply something else? Are they trying to imply that Obama has risen to a new level?

God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Budda, Zeus, Athena and all the other deities worshiped around the world have been run out of America schools. Despite constant cries for prayer and religion in schools by Americans, our government has refused to let it back into the schools. So, why is a human being, Obama, now being elevated to god-like status in our public schools? This should be something for Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhist and everyone to consider very carefully regardless of party affiliation. Enough is enough.

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