Sep 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter Racial Expert?

I saw a Tee shirt recently that had a picture of Dr. King and Obama on it. The caption said, “The dream has been realized”. I have to admit, I kinda liked the statement and the meaning. Dr. King dreamed of equality and consequently the Republican Party played a huge role in the fight for equality going clear back to the Civil War. I smiled and thought to myself, “That’s right. We have come so far.”

I respect the President whether he is African-American, white, Hispanic or from another heritage. I do not agree with his views as outlined by the Democratic Party. So debates and discussions are going along nicely and Dr. King’s dreams are being realized in the first African-American President. Then, along comes Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter is a well-respected one-term President who writes books about his faith, the nation, and seems to have a comment for everything that goes on. So what does he say now? He says that Joe Wilson and opposition to Obama’s health care proposals is racially motivated. I’m not sure where President Carter has been for the last year, but he needs to take a look at who is President. He needs to catch up with the nation and realize that we have come a long way since the 1960’s or his 1970’s for that matter. Our nation has worked hard for the equality that Dr. King promoted and I’m proud to say that we have done well. So, maybe, with all due respect, President Carter needs to close his mouth, get back to writing a book about his faith or how to raise a peanut, or something and leave the American Political system alone. We’ve got it under control Mr. Carter.

Oh, and one more thing, Mr. Carter. When you served as President, you did not have one single African-American person or non-white person serve on your cabinet. Reagan had the first Hispanic person to serve on his cabinet, and George W. had an African-American man and woman serve as the Secretary of State. To further this, the Republican National Committee has an African American Chairman. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy do you, with your past cabinet, really think you have a right to say racial politics are being used by Republicans or anyone against Obama’s unpopular plan?