Sep 22, 2009

Huckabee & Haak Stump For Hickerson

If you were in Texarkana tonight, then the place to be was not one of the many outstanding restaurants, theaters or even the fair for that matter. The center of activity for Texarkana tonight was former State Representative David and Debbie Haak’s home. Mr. and Mrs. Haak hosted a fundraiser reception for Prissy Hickerson Prissy's Site . Business owners, lawyers, physicians, and friends were present at the reception with people going around the room like Betty Feir Betty's Site , Mike Richardson Mike's Site , Steve Harrelson Steve's Site and his family,Miss Teen Southwest Arkansas Morgan Harrison Miss Harrison's Site, Frank Poff Frank's Site , Texarkana Arkansas Mayor Horace Shipp Texarkana Arkansas, Miller County Republican Chairman Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith MCRC , and too many others to mention here. The two guests needing the least introduction to this outstanding crowd was Janet and Mike Huckabee Mike's Site.

Midway through the evening, Mike Huckabee took time to make a short speech expressing his support for Prissy Hickerson and her campaign for Arkansas House of Representatives District 1. He spoke eloquently about Prissy and told a story of the first time she was introduced to the other members of the Highway Commission when he appointed her the Highway Commissioner for Arkansas. Mike stated that Prissy and her husband Randy were in the office when the other members of the commission came into the room. They immediately started introducing themselves to Randy Hickerson. While Randy enjoyed the attention, all three of them enjoyed the moment they were able to tell the other members of the commission that Prissy, not Randy, was to be the new head of the Highway Commission. He described Prissy as someone who works hard and can get the job done. In closing, Mike noted that he was envious of Prissy because it appeared that she would be running unopposed, something that he wished he could have done himself.

Prissy then made a short speech thanking everyone for taking time to come out and expressing her willingness to serve. She expressed special appreciation to David and Debbie for hosting the gathering and to Janet and Mike for taking time out of their schedule to come from Little Rock to Texarkana for the evening. In closing, she noted that Texarkana, Arkansas once had a sign that proclaimed it as the “Gateway to the Southwest”, a fact she and Mayor Shipp agreed on and that she would like to make Texarkana the “Gateway to the Future”.

Mike and Janet then spent the rest of the evening visiting with guest and posing for pictures. Prissy, true to her nature as a one-on-one person listening to everyone, took time to visit with each guest present and thank them for attending.