Jun 18, 2009

Psst...Hey, Gibbs..."It was McCain...Obama Ran Against McCain, Not Bush!"

The White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is apparently confused about who Obama’s opponent was in the last presidential election. George Bush has been very careful not to criticize and not to offer suggestions to President Obama out of respect and because he believes it is the right thing to do. When asked about the closing of Gitmo, Bush again stated that he was not going to criticize Obama and that he believes there are people there intent on killing Americans. That is a straightforward, honest answer, and an answer that many Americans would agree with. If you don’t believe Americans would agree with this, just search and see if you can find a city, town, county or state jumping up and down with joy and wanting Obama to send those in Gitmo to them. Hello? Nobody wants the terrorist, potential or real, living in his or her area. After Bush made the comment the press took it to the White House in apparent hopes of stirring up a feud to fuel papers. In the end, all they apparently caused was confusion for the current Press Secretary of the White House who for some reason believes Obama ran against Bush.

Secretary Gibbs had an outstanding comeback to the questions ask. He replied simply, “we won”. When I first read this I was a little confused. I thought he might be referring to the war on terrorism, but if that was the case why do we still have Homeland Security working, why are our troops still abroad fighting terrorist and why do we have money being spent on our nation’s security against terrorist. So, I know that Gibbs must not be talking about the war on terror, but later in the article it became clear. Gibbs stated “we kept score last November and we won.

Secretary Gibbs, yes George Bush was unpopular in the polls at the time he left office. After all the economy was bad, gas prices were high, jobs were being lost, the housing market was crumbling and the war on terror was still going. In the end you and I know that Americas blame the current administration for anything going wrong. If you don’t believe that, then just ask Jimmy Carter what happens when you haven’t won your second term yet and the economy is bad, gas prices are high, jobs are being lost, the housing market is crumbling and you have terrorist acting up around the world (you remember Iran, right Mr. Gibbs?) So, George Bush most likely would not have won an election against President Obama, but once again Mr. Gibbs, Obama did not run against George Bush. Just as a refresher for your future comeback comments, Obama won against John McCain. You know, white haired American War Hero who also showed respect to President Obama during the election and after. It sounds like President Bush and Senator McCain have pretty much shown a great deal of respect for President Obama. Maybe you should consider this and at least show them the respect of learning the name of whom your boss ran against in the election (yeah, the one last November).

White House fires back at Bush comments: 'We won'