Jun 14, 2009

Vote Steve Harrelson…Democrat!

When a Republican supports a Democrat, people seem surprised. All sorts of questions go around the table “How can you support a Democrat?” “You’re going to a Republican meeting and then a Democrat meeting?” and so on. Tuesday evening (6-9-2009) I stood in the hot afternoon sun with other supporters of Steve Harrelson and was not the least bit surprised to see several Republicans in the crowd. There was no intent to sabotage or detract from Steve’s moment, but instead these Republicans were present to support Steve. Support ranged from donations, to well wishing and handshakes. It was support for a man who represents people over parties.

Surprisingly, Steve is one of those Democrats who can transcend political parties after elected. He doesn’t look at people and say, “Well, you’re a Republican and you didn’t support me; therefore I won’t listen to you now that I’m elected.” Instead, Steve recognizes that while he remains a true Democrat at heart, he is elected to represent the people. This young man has what it takes to be Governor, Senator, Congressman or just about any other elected position he wants to pursue because of his ability to cross party lines. Steve has already proven that he can represent the people and not the party once in office.

So, because Steve is able to cross those lines, does listen to people, and works hard at his elected positions, I will once again support his drive for office. The first time he ran, I must confess I was a Democrat. After years of internal conflict, I like to say I came home to the Republican Party, but that’s another story. This is about Steve and he is running for State Senator District 21. It’s an important position in the state of Arkansas and a position that Steve will be able to fill with the same excellence we have seen from him as the House Representative for District 1. Once again, I will be proud to stand at the polls holding a sign for Steve Harrelson; although this time I certainly hope it doesn’t rain most of the day. (And yes, that’s yours truly on the left in the photo with Steve)