Jun 14, 2009

Tax Increase Right on Track

Remember all those people yelling and cheering for Obama as he announced we were all going to have to work together to get the country back on track? I do, I cringed when he said it because he wasn’t talking about cutting taxes so we could keep more money. He wasn’t talking about government limiting what physicians can charge and he wasn’t talking about the government paying off physician and nurse education bills so they would be comfortable with charging a mandatory reduced rate. No, he was talking about raising taxes. It’s that simple.

So, how did he play this game. First he gave everyone a nice little tax break. A lot of folks saw a slight increase in paychecks, some people living in nursing homes and institutions got a one time stimulus check (I’m sure they all loaded on the bus and went to spend it at Wal Mart) and some folks flat saw taxes dropped from their paycheck. Yes, completely and I’ve seen those paychecks and the proof. But you cannot have health care reform, save the economy, and get the socialistic programs you want without money. So, where does that money come from? I’ll give you yelling and cheering crowds a hint...You. Yes, you and me are going to pay for all these nice programs.

Now, I know, you still don’t believe me. Like I said, Obama’s game is simple, he comes out and says, “Hey, I’m a nice guy. I’m giving you some money, help, the things you need.” But wait, then he sends out his number one man to say, “Well, we might have to raise taxes to pay for all this, we just can’t rule it out.” Still don’t believe me? Sure, I’m sure as a Republican I’m making all this up just to “Bash Obama” right? I’m having a BO session you think, right? No, here are the words from Biden and you decide what he is saying from CNN.Com’s own pagelink:
(CNN) — Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that the Obama administration opposes taxing the medical benefits employers provide workers to pay for health care reform, but he refused to rule it out entirely.

Okay, try as I man, I’ve still not convinced you have I? What about this statement also in the same article, “Biden noted that the administration also seeks to raise $300 billion in taxes by limiting the deductions of high-income Americans”? Now ask yourself what is the definition of “high-income Americans”? Compared to some in Mexico, or Central America, we are all “high-income Americans”. Many of you who stood and cheered and yelled for Obama are “high-income Americans” (Oprah) in my viewpoint. In fact, a great many Obama supports make more money than I’ll ever see (unless someone reads these articles and offers me a commentary job..hint, hint).

So, here’s the way I see it, a “high-income American” is anyone making more money than I do each year. So, Obama will cut out some of your deductions. Oh, don’t worry, us lower income families will likely still be able to take the deduction, but your pay scale will cut you out. Next time before you go yelling and screaming for Obama, you just might want to ask what this man’s opinion is on the definition of “high-income Americans” and just who decides if his definition agrees with the rest of us.