Apr 1, 2009

Republican Budget Bashed By Press

Reading the current media reports you would think that Republicans cannot even propose a budget alternative without it being bad. In fact, according to the press just about everything Republicans do is wrong. I hope they wake up before Obama-Nation leads us all down the wrong road. We need to look at the facts.

Fact number one, the Republican budget proposes tax cuts that George Bush put in place be continued. It further promotes cutting taxes due from those making up to about $100,000. That sounds good to me since most everyone I know falls well below the $100,000 line. Unfortunately, the press doesn’t focus on this; they focus on the tax cut for the wealthy (anyone over $100,000 or so).

Fact two, why is it bad to give people considered “rich” a tax cut? Consider this; cut the taxes across the board and everyone benefits. The old argument that the rich should pay more taxes just doesn’t hold. I’m by no means rich (remember, I’m well below the $100,000 line), but why should someone be punished with higher taxes for having more money? The press fails to notice that the cut is only by 10% from 35% down to 25%. In the big scheme of things that is not a big cut and again you have to keep in mind the question “why can’t everyone get a tax break?”

Fact three, most of the reports in the press fail to mention the corporate tax cut being proposed. Consider this, everyone says corporations are bad and that they get too much money. Wal Mart is bad, IBM is bad, Microsoft is bad, Apple is bad, U.S. Steel is bad, etc, but stop and think about this… how many jobs are produced by those “bad corporations”? Many people reading this may not realize that we once had shoe companies in the United States. That means that companies that made shoes were based here with people working jobs in plants making shoes. Higher corporate taxes in combination with cheaper labor overseas forced those “bad” corporations to go overseas. That means those jobs, sometimes thousands, were lost. I still remember one of the last U.S. Shoe companies, Converse. They used to be U.S. made, but are no longer due to higher corporate taxes. The fact is lowering high corporate taxes may help attract some of those corporations back to U.S. soil and thereby create more U.S. jobs for U.S. workers.

Sadly, the facts above will not be mentioned in the press. They will talk about all the so-called “bad” Republican budget ideas. Well here is a final fact to consider, no budget is perfect. The Democrats don’t have a perfect budget and neither will we, but the Republican budget is being brought to the table to be viewed and with the current economy everyone’s ideas need to be viewed and discussed for both good and bad points. Unfortunately, the U.S. press only appears to be looking at Republicans as the bad guys.