Apr 20, 2009

The Silent Growth of The Republican Party: Part 2

On January 14, 2009 I wrote an article here titled The Silent Growth of The Republican Party (Read it Here). Some that read it have since scoffed at my ideas that the Republican Party is slowly rebuilding and coming back as a major political force. Well scoffers, take a look now at what CNN.Com reported(CNN Story). It appears I was right.

It looks like a 7-point drop in people supporting the Democrats. This does not surprise me in the least. I’ve said several times that I wish President Obama the best of luck. He is our President whether I supported him or not. He needs luck, prayers, and support as President whether he is a Republican or a Democrat. I’m sorry for those hard-liners of either party who can not accept that, you need to because it is for the good of our country and in the end we are all citizens of the United States first and Republicans and Democrats second. On the flip-side of that coin a 7-point drop means people are slowing realizing that what we said during the drive for the White House was right.

The article calls the gains “negligible” and maybe they are, but gains are gains nonetheless. Remember, I said the Republican Party was silently rebuilding. I have also said on many occasions here that the party must rebuild at the base first and work the way up. To reinstate that again, I believe we have to start with our town, city, and county groups first to rebuild the party. I support the Republican National Committee, but guys and gals…sorry; you have to support the small party groups first.

So, what is a small party group? I’ll give you an example; the Miller County Republican Committee is a small party group. They meet each month; have elected officers, a web page, a budget, committees, and plans. That group has recently joined the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce to help promote ideas. They have had guest speakers, and more importantly they have grown. I myself have joined them in the last year. Through the Internet, they are staying in contact, growing, and rebuilding the party from the streets of Texarkana, Arkansas. Can this little group make a difference? You bet, by supporting local Republicans, we can build a foundation of Republican minded people. Let’s face the facts, what do all politicians want? Higher offices. So if we start by supporting a lower office, let’s say justice of the peace, constable, or judge and they win office. Next those same people may run for state senator, or even governor. Eventually those people run for the United States Senate or Congress. In the end by supporting at the local level, we are…let’s say it together folks… silently rebuilding the Republican Party. For now think small and grow. Oh, and by the way CNN, thanks for pointing out that our younger generations are waking up from the “Obama Nation” in the fourth paragraph with this statement:
"Most of the Democrats' loss of support has come among younger Americans," said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "In January, two-thirds of those under the age of 35 said Democratic control of Congress was good for the country. Now that figure is down to 48 percent."