Apr 27, 2009

Sorry New York: Obama Did Not Mean to Scare You.

The White House apologized for a 747 giving New York a nice reminder flyover todayCNN.COM. What the press conveniently doesn’t want to say is what we all know; the White House represents the Obama Administration. People in New York are calling it “unsettling” and an “absolute travesty”.

There was no prior warning, even to city officials and then suddenly out of the clear blue sky comes a 747 flanked by fighter jets. I cannot even imagine the feelings that people must have had who were there on 9-11. I feel extremely sorry for them and complete disgust at the Obama Administration for their insensitive take on how the people of New York would feel.

Now, on the other hand, if I were a terrorist, this would be great news to me. I’d be thanking President Obama and his administration for desensitizing New York to low flying planes. After all, this time people were evacuating buildings and taking cover. Next time they may just think, “Oh, it’s the Obama Administration doing a fly over again.” The only problem is that next time it may be the little terrorist that watched today. My advice to New York, stay alert. Don’t let this deceive you in case our nation comes under attack again by cowards like on 9-11. I mean, good grief, what was the Obama Administration thinking? Next thing you know they’ll want to close Guantanamo and move all the terrorist to U.S. soil. I mean really, can you imagine that?