Mar 28, 2009

Behind Closed Doors: What Obama Learned

When Obama ran for office people flocked to his notion of change. Never mind that just about all the presidential candidates going back to Washington have used the word “change” at some point to promote themselves, Obama seemed to have the corner market in the minds of voters. He won and then came the meetings of reality. During the meetings with President Bush, I can only assume that Obama learned things he never suspected. He must have learned also from those secret meetings that sometimes a president has to tell what one Obama supported called “little lies” to the American public for the sake of national security. He must also have learned that not all of his campaign promises could be kept as quickly or even as Obama might have liked. Consider the following:
I will close Guantanamo Bay – Not yet, nowhere to keep the terrorist
I will end the war in Iraq – Where’s the media coverage of this promise?
I will end the war in Afghanistan – 17,000 more troops, 4,000 more and money
Non-emergency bills posted five days before signing– 3 bills have failed this test

What Obama has learned is clear. Just as McCain and Bush were saying, there is no quick, easy fix for Afghanistan or Iraq. So what do you do when you learn that you can’t keep all your campaign promises? Well, you lie. To be fair, I haven’t seen a president yet who has not lied to the country over something. You already know of the big lies from our party, so let’s be fair and say a few of them. Here’s a short list:
I am not a crook (Nixon) – In that case, yeah you were
No new taxes (Bush) – unless you’re forced to do so by Congress
Hostilities have ended (Bush) – well, they didn’t get the message

So, yes, presidents do lie to the American public. Whether they want to do so, are forced to do so, or simply do so for political gain, presidents lie. After Obama became aware that the President knows a lot more than what is released to the press, he too joined this elite group of leaders who are sometimes forced to tell, “little lies”. Welcome to office Mr. Obama. My advice to you is simple; just make sure you steer clear of having to say “I did not have sex with that woman.” It strikes me with Michelle that you might spend the remainder of your term at the Biden’s.