Mar 14, 2009

Obama Set to Free Terrorist Supporters?

Watch out fellow Republicans and Democrats who would like to be safe. The Obama Administration is rewriting the rules regarding “enemy combatants”. This rewrite could be the first in several sets to close Guantanamo Bay, a goal of the Obama Administration. Their basis for the entire push is that an enemy combatant is from a nation armed against another nation, so those rules don’t apply to terrorist.

Under these new guidelines, terrorist would be charged or they could not be held without specific “substantial” evidence against them. That could mean that just being a part or a contributor to a terrorist organization would mean that the U.S. government could not hold a person. Someone could financially contribute to the purchase of a bomb, guns, or even let’s say flying lessons (that should remind you) and not be held accountable for his or her actions. The defense? “Oh, I didn’t blow up those Americans, I only sent some money online.” Sorry, a contributor, member, supporter, etc involved with a terrorist organization is just as guilty as the one who did the actual act. If we do not take this stand, then the organizations will continue to be supported and held up by those people hidden behind laws meant to protect us. This new stance will be a green light to anyone wanting to support terrorism either emotionally, financially, or any other means.

In Texas an interesting thing happened at the Battle of San Jacinto. Sam Houston’s troops rallied to the battle cry of “Remember Goliad” and “Remember the Alamo”. Many of Santa Anna’s troops ran and yelled to the Texans “Me no Alamo”. Guess what? The Texans shot them anyway or took them prisoner. Why? Because they wore the uniform of Santa Anna’s military, they supported him, ate with him, and were emotionally tied to putting down the revolution in Texas. To me, that sounds an awful lot like someone who might support a modern day terrorist. They would certainly be yelling “Me no 9/11” even if they had cheered the day Americans died.

CNN.Com Article Source