Mar 17, 2009

Obama-Nation Open to Tax

Hello again Americans we are all one big happy nation and apparently we can now call that nation Obama-Nation. During the drive to become President, Obama criticized McCain for a proposal that would tax some health care benefits. Naturally, Obama FAILED to mention that McCain was proposing some tax credits to families to help offset the health reform needed. Now that Obama-Nation is in full swing, apparently the swing goes back and forth. Obama is now considering a tax on health care benefits. I guess this is what he calls working with Republicans. Oh, and that McCain tax break to help offset the reform of the health care system…Obama still isn’t mentioning it. This must be a new way to stimulate the economy, take already high medical cost and high insurance premiums and add additional taxes to them (psst...Obama-Nation). Don’t you wish elections had a do-over clause?

Thanks Wesley for pointing out this great article:MSNBC.Com