Feb 28, 2009

Bad Bobby

So, by now you have likely heard that Bobby Jindal "made up" or more bluntly "lied" about his nice little story pertaining to a telephone call he overheard and adapted to his speech. Unfortunately, this is not the type of hype and buildup that the Republican party needs rights now. Already people are saying he made the same mistakes that Clinton did years ago in his famous long speech at the DNC, but the fact is apparent here and that fact is Bobby lied.

Bobby Jindal, take a note from other people who have lied both in the Democratic camp and the Republican camp. It is wrong. Nixon will forever be remembered for "I am not a crook" and leaving office in disgrace. People don't think about him opening up China, or any of the other things he did for the country. On the other side of the table, a lot of people associate Clinton with a cigar and a lie about sex (sorry it's true) and they fail to look at anything he may have accomplished for the good of the nation. Telling a lie is not the way to project yourself to people who already feel like they can't trust the government. At the very least, Gov. Jindal, you should have came out and told the truth, but instead you sent your press people out to say there was a "mistake". Republicans must be "Stand Up" people or we won't rebuild this party. Gov. Jindal and others must take responsibility for their actions or how can we expect them to take responsibility for our nation?