Feb 25, 2009

Jindal's Volcano: Well Said

Gov. Bobby Jindal didn’t have to wait long for the opposition to jump on words he used to respond to President Obama’s speechCNN Report. Jindal was picked not only because he is a rising star within our party, but also because he has two traits that Republicans need.

First, it is he is young. Let’s face the facts; most people associate the Republican Party with a bunch of middle age guys in suits. Now, here is Jindal on the other side of the middle age factor and a seemingly “down to earth” sort of guy. Wham, a new face for the party!

Second, he speaks well. Jindal is well versed and uses language to his benefit. With a little more practice, he could be the new Reagan our party has been seeking. After all, who could look past such remarks as his reference to being a “pre-existing condition” when his family arrived with him still in the womb? He has the wit, and he has the words. We need this on the front lines for the party.

As for the attacks, sorry folks, Jindal is right. The statement about throwing money into volcano monitoring is right. Let’s not forget that Jindal comes from a state where big government failed to act during what should have been their finest hour. Maybe Jindal could have seen a little better if the money had been marked for hurricane monitoring. Take a moment to count the number of volcano eruptions and compare them to the number of hurricanes and you might find a better place for the money to go.

Finally, just ask the people of Louisiana who was there when recent storms hit. They are quick to tell you that Jindal cancelled his speech at the Republican National Hooray, packed his bags, and came home. The result… Louisiana had their governor on the home front, working for the people who elected him and he conducted one of the best evacuations in the state’s history. He did it without big government, but even more importantly he did it for the people who put their trust and faith in him. Jindal may very well be the man on his way to a future position as President of the United States. If he takes the same attitude toward that job that he has the governorship, then America will be in safe hands.