Feb 12, 2009

A Homeless Stage?

Cnn reported the story about a homeless lady asking Obama for help and his administration offering to help the lady find housing Cnn Story. Several blogs on the net are asking if this was a staged stunt and it may well be. The bottom line is the public will likely never know for certain.

On another note, one of the interesting things about the story is that you can find a little fact near the end concerning Chene Thompson. Mrs. Thompson offered to let the woman live rent-free in a home she owns. While the Obama administration offered to hook the lady up with housing authorities that could still leave her on a waiting list, Mrs. Thompson acted by offering the lady a home immediately. If someone reads the story, they will quickly find out that Mrs. Chene Thompson is a Republican and in fact the wife of a Republican Represenative (Rep. Nicholas Thompson). So whether the lady was placed at the meeting as a staged act or not, the Obama administration offered to use big government to help. Mrs. Thompson offered help on her own without the government. Mrs. Thompson showed she is true to her convictions as a Republican who believes in less government and more people helping people. Simple. Big Government = more waiting for the lady. Small Government = people working together. This is the grass roots of our party and an example we must continue to show, share and shine across America.