Oct 27, 2019

Democrats: United For Gun Confiscation

Beto O' Rourke was the first Presidental candidate on the Democrat platform to promote gun confiscation, but now almost all the other candidates have joined his chorus line.  During a recent Democrat Presidential Debate, CNN asked the question, "...exactly how are you going to take away weapons from people who do not want to give them up?"  Beto response was classic, and perhaps more importantly...against the law:

"That weapon will be taken from them.  If they persist, there will be other consequences from law enforcement" - Beto O'Rourke

Elizabeth Warren echoed Beto when she said, "We need to treat gun control like the public health emergency it is."   Warren has gone further and started to present what the press calls "Sweeping new control plans."    The Washington Examiner called Warren's plans "either is terrifically stupid or terribly cynical." 

Without digging all the quotes up, its easy to do an Internet search and find that all the other Presidential candidates have jumped on board with the "Gun Confiscation" as well.   They appear to be chanting this Gun confiscation propaganda to large crowds. These people are either "Hand-picked and directed people" or very poorly educated people with no concept of the Second Amendment. These same people must not understand the economy that surrounds guns and the large number of Americans who own guns and use them legally and responsibly.

For the most part, past Republicans and Democrats have agreed on gun control issues and gun ownership rights.  A quick run-through gun laws enacted - the first ones came around the mid-1930s - a person can find Democrats and Republicans working together.  Some Republican Presidents have signed legislation, and some Democrats have signed the legislation.    Whether that legislation has been accepted and appreciated by the individual party members could be debated.  The agreement between Democrats and Republicans on guns is no longer in agreement.  While Republicans have maintained that laws are needed and that people barred by law or mental issues should not have guns or access to them, the party has affirmed the right of the law-abiding citizen.  Democrats have now targetted not only people barred by the law and with mental issues, but they are also aiming at law-abiding citizens as well.   A further concern now has to look at the language.  Democrats are no longer picking specific guns to confiscate or outlaw.  Now they have started to use the term "weapons" or only "gun."  Those terms are extensive in their implications.  Democrats could mean they are only going to target automatic weapons, or they could mean semi-automatic, single shot, or event black-powder, single-shot weapons. 

If one of these Democrats gets elected in 2020, you can bet the first parts of legislation to hit the ground come February of 2021 will begun confiscation.   Democrats who do not win the nomination and remain in Congress will hurry to push through new bills so their Democrat President can sign off on his or her promise to...well, to put it blunt...to take your guns.  Make no mistake, the more Democrats in Congress, and if a Democrat is President, they will use those numbers to push whatever gun confiscation laws they want right on through.  A Democrat majority could and will destroy your Second Amendment rights, and they will send someone to your door with orders to take your guns.  If, for some reason, you don't believe this can happen, then you may want to consult with your doctor - especially one of the hundreds of physicians, nurses, medical staff, and Republicans that warned not to pass the Affordable Healthcare Act. Despite expressing their views and professional opinions, they had to sit by helplessly as a Democrat Controlled Congress, and President gave America a new law requiring healthcare insurance and giving fines and penalties to those that refused to follow the law.  It happened then, and it can happen again.  The problem is that this time it will not be your health on the line, it will be your ability to defend yourself that is removed. 

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