Oct 15, 2019

ABC Proves Fake News is Real

Under the headline "Slaughter in Syria," ABC World News declared that people were being killed in Syria since President Trump withdrew U.S. troops.  The news featured a clip of machine guns being fired, blast and flashes of light in the night, and what appears to be a complete and horrible killing in Syria.  ABC continued their on-going biased attempts to attack the President publically with their huge news, viewer base.  The problem...ABC news lied. 

Within a few hours of the post, several other news outlets noted that the dreadful attack on the Syrian people looked familiar. It not only looked familiar, but it was also actually the footage of the Knob Creek Gun Range's annual machine gun shoot.  The shoot, described by many people on social media, is a wonderful opportunity for the public to witness fully automatic weapons fire and see some explosions.  The event is conducted every two years under strict supervision and for the public enjoyment - think the equivalent of an air show or tank demonstration.  Consequently, no Syrians were killed by the presentation.  It should also be noted that while no Syrians were murdered, the fact is that during the demonstration, from 2017, by the way, nobody suffered from the "fury of the Turkish attack" - credit 10-13-2019 ABC World News Tonight, and 10-14-2019 ABC Good Morning America. 

By mid-Monday evening, the world was hearing the apologies of ABC.  They expressed how they were sorry for the mistake, took down the footage, and they posted, "We regret the error."  No, ABC News, I do not think you "regret" anything.  ABC News is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar news and media company with hundreds to thousands of employees.  They are educated, trained professionals in the field of communication and news reporting.  These employees know the difference between "News," "Opinions," and outright "Lies," essentially equalling "Fake News."  An apology to the President, to the American people, and to the world that watches ABC is not enough.  Yes, we have freedom of the press, and it is a beautiful gift here in the United States, but that freedom does not give you the right to Lie and create Fake News.   What you have done is deceptive, dishonest, and deplorable. 

If you want to hate the President and his policies, okay...that's your right.  If you're going to voice your opinion about it, fine...create a blog like this one, or at least list a view in the "Opinion" section of your news.  But if you want to create Fake News and Lies, then you deserve the onslaught you've seen on social media. In truth, you most likely deserve a review of your license through the FCC at a minimum.  Shame on you for taking a responsibility to provide unbiased news!  The one positive about all of this fiasco is that you, ABC World News, has once again proven why Americans overall have more faith in President Trump. When the President calls you "Fake News," you have given one more example to support his statement.

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