Oct 7, 2019

Attacks on Trump Continue

If you are like me, then you were extremely frustrated this morning when the announcement came about President Trump's taxes. A judge, appointed by Bill Clinton, ruled that Trump has to turn over his tax returns to a New York DA. Consequently, that DA is another Democrat. The order covers taxes back to 2011.   The IRS has already stated that Democrats are trying to weaponize Trump's tax returns.  I have to say, I agree with the IRS and many other assessments.  It merely seems like the Democrats are trying to attack Trump on any point they can muster up even down to his tax returns. 

Naturally, Trump's lawyers are already in the process of filing an appeal to the recent "Democrat Motivated" move to obtain tax returns.  Democrat's failed in Congress to get the returns, so they have targetted two states - New York and California.  California actually passed an unconstitutional law that requires a Presidential candidate to release his tax returns.  Notice what I said there by the way, "Unconstitutional."  Nowhere in any law is a presidential candidate, much less a candidate for any office, required to release his or her tax returns.  Democrats simply hope to find some error, some mistake, or maybe the fact is that Trump had so many business deductions he paid low taxes.  

Consider this for a moment - what if the Democrats do get Trump's returns? Maybe he did pay low taxes, or there is some other mistake in those tax documents. What does it all mean? It's simple; it means that there was a failure and someone failed?   When you're a billionaire, you usually don't sit down at the table and complete your tax returns on April 14 and run to the post office and get them off to the IRS.  When you are a billionaire, you have tax information all year long.  Before Trump was President, that is precisely what he was doing - running businesses.  So, he was not the guy sweating at 7:15 p.m. on April 14, trying to finish his taxes.  So if there is a mistake in Trump's taxes, who do you think is to blame?  Well, here's a list for you:
1.  The office staff handling the return information such as deductions, cost, and income.  
2. The accounting firm handling Trump's taxes would be the first to make a mistake.
3.  The state income tax in New York or whatever state the business files in would be liable for an error they failed to catch. 
4.  The IRS - they reviewed, stamped, and accepted the returns.  If they had a problem with them, then they would initiate a review or audit - otherwise, they are accepted and not even considered after seven years.

Even if by some Democrat, Magical Blessing, Democrats do obtain Trump's tax returns, it is highly unlikely that any mistake made would be directly attributed to him.  He pays people to handle this daily, and those people are professionals with liability insurance - yes, insurance to cover if THEY make a mistake.  Whether you like Trump or not, he is a billionaire, and like others in business and money, he has precautions in place.  Again, he is simply not the guy sitting at the table on April 14, trying to get that envelop to the post office.  Any review of Trump's taxes and any mistakes which may be found is ultimately going to show that someone made a mistake. It will show that either an employee, accountant, state employee, or a federal employee made that mistake.  It is not going to be an error that Trump personally made so the Democrats could plaster it all over their campaign posters.  I guess you do have to applaud the Democrats for trying...after all, none of their other lies about Trump are being bought by the American people.    

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