Mar 3, 2015

In Defense of Webb and Hutchinson

Arkansas Republican Page - Doyle Webb
The Arkansas Times recently posted a somewhat scathing article that takes an outright jab at Doyle Webb and how he has benefited from the election of Governor Hutchinson.  The article (Arkansas Times Article) targets Webb's criticism of Hillary Clinton's connection to the Clinton Foundation and some donations received.  Specifically, Webb is criticising the Foundation for taking money from foreign countries.  The fact is that by taking that money it compromises the American political system as Webb pointed out.  The article compares the acceptance of money from foreign countries to the appointment of Webb's wife, Barbara Webb, to the Workers Compensation Commission of Arkansas.    To make the concluding point, the article states about Webb "Look who's talking".

Yes....look who's talking Arkansas.

On the point of looking at who is talking, I couldn't agree more with the Arkansas Times.  Doyle Webb is talking about a potential presidential candidate, a person considering a run at the top office in the United States, that is taking foreign money through the Clinton Foundation.  If the Clinton Foundation wants to accept foreign funds, that's fine.  Bill Clinton can not run for president again, so any money received as donations to the foundation can be used how the foundation decides.  However, Hillary, also a part of the foundation and at the top of the foundation, can run for president.  When you have a person who is considering a run for president accepting money from foreign countries, Doyle Webb, and in fact every single American, has a right to question where the loyalties and if decisions as president will be based on America's best interest, the Clinton Foundation's best interest, or the foreign country who donated funds best interest.  We should all be as bold as Doyle Webb and ask this question.  So yes, as the Arkansas Times states we should look at who is talking, but that was not the intention of the statement "Look who's talking".  The statement was meant as a jab because Doyle's wife has benefited from a Republican Governor being elected in Arkansas.

Consider this - almost all Presidents, Governors, Senators, State Representatives, etc. who are elected to office have to make appointments.  They appoint people to various post and that's common.  First, you expect them to appoint people with like-minded views.  If you're pro-life in other words, you don't look to appoint pro-choice people to post around the country or state.  It's just not what you are going to do.  You look to post like-minded people, you post people who support your views, who supported your campaign, and post people from your party - them being like-minded and all.  Bill Clinton did it when he was Governor of Arkansas, so did Huckabee, so did Beebe.  There were people during Governor Beebe's term who were appointed to various state offices simply based on the fact they were Democrat supporters.  That's what we expect to happen, and in truth any elected official in his or her right mind will try to surround themselves with....wait for it.....that's people.

Governor Hutchinson did exactly what a governor should do.  He found someone with a point-of-view like his who was qualified and appointed that person.  Yes, he also found someone who happens to be Republican and who's husband happens to be the head of the Arkansas Republican what.  If someday Governor Hutchinson were to become President, most people in Arkansas would expect him to appoint people from Arkansas to various offices in Washington.....I mean Bill Clinton did it and other Presidents have appointed people from their home states.  I would expect Governor Hutchinson to make more appointments while he is in office.  Some of those appointments will be people he knows directly, some will be people he meets, and some will be Republicans referred to him.  Like other governors, I expect he will appoint some Democrats and even people with no party affiliation as well.  But you can be sure of one thing, he is going to appoint like-minded people regardless of their party or previous positions.  Maybe the Arkansas Times should take a step back and look through history before throwing a jab at Doyle Webb.