Mar 12, 2015

Why Hillary's Emails Matter

While Congress rushes around and tries to figure out exactly what emails Hillary Clinton may have used on her private servers for government business and what emails she may have hidden from Congress, there is a few important facts being overlooked. The problem that anyone has with emails is confidentiality.  How do you ensure something being sent over the Internet is not picked up by anyone else?  How do you ensure that your email name is not being used falsely and misinformation is being sent?  Finally, how do you ensure that some hacker has not placed a virus in the email account that could easily be spread to other email accounts and computers, like government computers?  The answer to all the above questions is, it's very difficult to do.  Let's look at the facts here:

1.  By having a private email account ( or whatever) Hillary had to pay some company to provide that domain.  She would have had to use someone like to accomplish this.  This means that the "Nameserver" at Godaddy would have to tell all emails coming in with the extension of "" to go to a specific address.  That specific address would be Hillary's server at her home.  Once the email reached the server at her home, it would in turn shoot out of her home and go to whatever device she has to read emails.  Hillary only uses one phone, according to one interview but a another interview says she uses two, or a computer.  So we can assume the email would go to this device.  In turn, when Hillary would send an email back, it would go back through the same pattern to reach whoever the receiver would be.  So breaking it down, here's the number of people who could have accessed Hillary's, assumed, confidential and possibly classified emails:
    A.  The staff, anyone of them, at whatever provider she used (like Godaddy).
    B.  Anyone in the Clinton home that might access that server - friends, family, cleaning crews, etc.
    C.  Anyone in the Clinton neighborhood who might have tapped into the email server.
    D.  Anyone along any route the email went that might have hacked the server.

Makes you feel real comfortable doesn't it?

2.  The second problem becomes a matter of policy.  Hillary's policy was that everyone uses on the government emails.  This is a good policy since the government would issue their own servers, their own nameservers, and the emails would be held in government records.  What happens if Hillary's home burned, the server crashed, or some other disaster and she had not backed up?  It is assumed the government's mainframe (a much larger and more powerful computer) would be backed up somewhere off site.  We do not know if Hillary did this.  Hillary's policy was that everyone use a government email - so why not Hillary?  Is she above her own rules?  If she thinks she is above her own rules, then might she think she is above our laws?

3.  The final part of this problem is access.  If Hillary had used the government account, like everyone else, her emails would be part of the government record.  This means the emails would have been accessible by Congress or other authorized branches of the government.  You know - that whole checks and balances thing.  Yet, her emails were private and off-site - to further complicate things, when all the concerns originally came up and the need to review records, why did Hillary not say, "Oh yes, and I also have my email account you will need to review?"  It kinda reminds me of Bill saying, "Define sex."  If we have to split hairs, then Congress should have asked for, "Anything that you wrote, typed, dictated, said, sent in a message, or email either government or otherwise while serving as....." but why?  Why should they have to split hairs and get so detailed? They asked for emails during the time she served - simple, or so it should be.  As it stands right now, apparently Hillary deleted emails that she decided were private before turning over the other emails.  Can we really trust her ability to decide what emails are private and what emails are government related?  Perhaps we should ask Hillary to "define private" specifically for us so we'll all be on the same page.

The bottom line, Hillary has more than proven that she can not be trusted.  She betrayed the trust of America by using a private email server that could have been accessed by our enemies or others.  She betrayed the trust of Congress by failing to mention the email server initially.  Regardless of whether you are Democrat or Republican, the question becomes do YOU  really want this person as your President?