Jan 16, 2015

Democrats v Republicans: Get Over It! The Elections Are Over!

Fox News is reporting today that Obama plans to stay on the offenses with Republicans (Fox News).  Really?  I mean really?  With the new Congress now controlled by Republicans - Republicans voted in by the majority of Americans who are fed up with Obama and his policies- those Democrats remaining are scampering around to work with Republicans.  Suddenly there is bi-partisan bills being put together, talks, discussions on compromise.  Granted, these same Democrats had little time for that during their control period, but they now appear to have at least seen the error of their ways....or more likely heard the pounding of a herd of Republican candidates in the future backed by Republicans, Independents and Democrats who are tired of this attitude of no cooperation.

Now, let's take a moment to break this down and give a little direction to Washington from the people who put them there....us.  Here's a simple way to handle things:

1.  President Obama - get over it!  Your party lost because your party failed to work for the American people and only worked for your agenda that was often overwhelmingly opposed by Democrat and Republican voters.  The end result is your own Democrat voters sent a lot of Democrats in Washington home.  It's time to stop talking about "Us" and "Them" and using words like "going on the offense with Republicans."  We are Americans.  We want you in Washington regardless of party to work together.  If you don't want to do that, then maybe you can spend two years as a lame duck and we'll get a President the nation can believe in again.  It's simple....move on Mr. President.

2.  Democrats still in Washington - No, we remember how high and mighty you were while your party controlled things....by the way, thank you for that Obamacare crap you passed without reading it- brilliant move there folks.  But, even though we remember how you treated us Republicans, we want what is best for the nation.  Glad to see you're willing to work together now to save your future election campaigns.  Act nice and you might get back more of your Democrat voters and who knows, act really nice, and you might earn a few Republican voters next go around too.  We just want you to work together now.

3.  Republicans in Washington - some of you men and women are new - congratulations.  Some of you all are old - congratulations for getting to stay.  Now, work for America.  Forget what the President is saying about being on the "offense" or even your preparations to be on the "defense".  The only thing anyone in Washington should be doing is defending the interest of the United States and of the people who live there.  We don't want to hear a lot of "Us" and "Them" and how we're going to get them now that we're here.  Get out there and work.  If you do that, you will have new Republican opposition next go around, you'll lose the Democrats who currently support and voted for you, and you'll likely end up facing a strong Democrat opponent.  The choice is yours.  Rise above the fray of Washington as usual, or be prepared for a short time out of your home state.