Jan 13, 2015

The World Unites Against Terrorism

The world is uniting against terrorism....again.  The front page of USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and others carry headlines similar with pictures.  France, Germany, Israel, Palestinian leaders, Russia, the Ukraine,  and over forty other world leaders filled the streets of Paris shouting "Je suis Charlie".  Not only did the protest pay respect to the victims of the terrorist attacks, it showed over forty counties around the world sending representatives to Paris in unity.  This unity included some nations not so friendly toward each other, but who shared a common theme against terrorism.

The demonstration echoed other demonstrations held around the world when the United States was attacked on September 11th.  Nations put their flags at half mass, nations who disliked America sent messages of hope, nations we supported in turn supported us.  Terrorism is a powerful weapon, and what it has proven in the last twenty years is that we as a world will unite against it.  After September 11th, President Bush issued this stern statement to the world, "You are either with us or you are against us."  It was simple, it was direct, and it was correct.  The message sent back then, is the same that is being sent from Paris now.  You either support terrorism, or you support those who are against it.  It does not matter whether you hate the nation attacked, whether you have been on trade disagreements for years, or whether that nation is a former or even a current enemy, when it comes to terrorism, you condemn it regardless of the nation that receives the attack.  The world can be proud that so many, more than forty, world leaders chose to send representatives,  or come themselves. 

You might be wondering why on the eve of the inauguration of a new governor in Arkansas, a new Republican governor, this blog would be looking instead at the events half way around the world.  It's easy, the time is right.  Large and small presses alike must speak up about a major problem with the unity against terrorism.  Large and small presses in the United States in particular need to speak up because it's an important issue.  The important issue?  Not one single representative from the White House attended the march.  Yes, the very nations who stood united with the United States back on September 11th did not see any representation at a rally against the terrorist attacks in their own country.  So important was this failure that USA Today even ran a side article that asked, "Who Represented The United States?"  The answer, nobody.  

Well, one thing is for sure and the world needs to know this.....not everyone in the United States likes the fact that we failed to send representation to this important event.  Our failed President may yet again have shown his true nature to the people and to the world, but not all Americans feel the same.  Today in the United States, no flags may be ordered at half mass, inaugurations are going on in Little Rock and other cities around the country, and it seems to be business as usual....but many, such as the writer of this blog, proudly say to France, there are those standing with you here in the United States.  Yes, leaders may fail, but the greatest nation of all time, for the people and by the people has not failed.  Today we say to France and the world, "Je suis Charlie"

Update:  1-16-15.  A report at Confessions of a Closet Republican  notes that the U.S. Ambassador to France did attend the march.  It would have been nice, however, for the the President to have sent someone with a higher profile to the event.  After all, the Ambassador was already there...hence the title "Ambassador to France".