Sep 26, 2013

The Ted Cruz Filibuster Hours

This week Senator Ted Cruz took the Senate floor to perform an old fashioned filibuster.  Cruz had the same target that many American’s have these days….Obamacare.  Cruz was not, however, supported by everyone in the Grand Old Party.  Many felt his filibuster of twenty-hours was a waste of time, grandstanding, and even a ploy for attention.  In closed doors sessions, the normally quite and dignified Senator Boozman from Arkansas even complained about Cruz.  During the time used Cruz talked about the ills of the Obamacare, read a story to his daughter, and pushed into a twenty-one hour rant.  In the end, it seemed to change nothing, but on the other hand it might have changed everything yet unseen.

Ted Cruz, already popular with our Tea Party brothers and sisters, managed to propel himself and Obamacare into the spotlight again.  The nation tweeted, Facebookers posted, and the news media ate up the moment.  It’s important to look beyond that though.  Cruz is already a national medial garner with his family history, and his supporters.  Like fellow filibuster, Rand Paul, Cruz has been able to show Americans that when nobody else will listen to them in Washington, he will stand up for them.  Try standing for twenty-one hours sometime.  It’s not an easy task.  Nonetheless, Cruz has now proven that no matter how much the odds are against him, he’s willing to listen to Americans and take a stand even if it means in the end he looses.   Remember, Americans love those who take a stand against the odds and loose….Remember the Alamo. 

Cruz’s actions may have just put his name on the GOP list for potential presidential nominations.  Americans are tired of politicians going to Washington and turning their backs on those who elected them, or using trick votes to get what they want while still looking like they support the folks back home.  Just ask former Congressman Mike Ross from Arkansas.  When Obamacare hit the floor, he voted against it, thus looking like a hero to those back home in Arkansas opposing the bill; however, what Ross won’t tell you is that he voted to move it out of committee and onto the floor for a vote.  In other words, he could have killed it in committee and he would never have had to vote on the floor.  His actions helped Democrats push through Obamacare without making Ross look like a sell-out.  Consequently, Ross is now running for Governor of Arkansas and he’ll likely tell voters how bad Obamacare is for the state.  Cruz on the other hand has stood up for the little guy.  It may have been a fruitless stand, or as stated before it may change everything.  Cruz could have just set sail to cruise right toward a GOP nomination.