Sep 30, 2013

Should The Next Arkansas Governor Be An "Arkansas CEO"?

When you listen to the discussions in Arkansas by candidates for Governor each person has views making a voter feel a sense of confidence.  It is still so early that nobody in the state knows which candidate will end up with the nomination for the Democratic Party and which will have the Republican Party nomination.  Most media outlets seem to indicate that it’s going to be a battle between Mike Ross (D) and Asa Hutchinson (R).  Both men have impressive backgrounds.  Ross served as Congressman as did Hutchinson.  Hutchinson also has the distinction of serving as a U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas, and as the Administrator for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.  So, to the press at large it looks like these two giants will end up battling it out for your vote.  Ross will likely pull support from Governor Beebe and maybe even President Clinton.  Hutchinson could pull support from an array of powerful Republicans.  So far, Ross will not have an opponent, so he can concentrate on the general election and seems to have the party nomination in the hat.  Hutchinson faces Debra Hobbs and Curtis Coleman.  Most people in the press are simply ignoring Hobbs and Coleman, but for Hutchinson to do so would be a mistake.

Debra Hobbs, a State Representative, has name recognition in her area, and to a degree on the state level.  Curtis Coleman though seems to be a one-man train jumping from the four corners of the state as if the election will be held in the morning.  Curtis wants to approach Little Rock and the state with a unique view.  He wants to pursue Arkansas as a business venture.  While Hutchinson and Ross will be running on records, they will forget that those records are firmly solidified in Washington politics, something most Arkansas voters would rather have little or nothing to do with these days. 

Coleman presents a fresh view, a view that Arkansas can be better than it has been.  He presents a view that says, “Why is Arkansas trending in the bottom of the economic circle when compared with surrounding states?”  His question is simple, direct and important.  Regardless of who wins the nomination for the party, they need to listen to Coleman.  Coleman’s vision for Arkansas is one where taxes are low, job growth is steady, and those in need are taken care of without the rules and regulations of Washington overshadowing the state.  Attend one of Coleman’s events, and you don’t get the feeling that this is politics as usual.  You get the feeling that this is a business proposal.  He is proposing something simple.  Curtis Coleman is saying, “Let me be your Governor, and we’ll run the state as if I’m the CEO you hired to run your company.” 

Recently there was a post that showed the best states to start business in according to Forbes.  That list showed what Curtis Coleman has been saying all along…Arkansas isn’t making it.  It further proved another Coleman point; Arkansas is surrounded by state’s prospering with business.  Among the best states is Arkansas’ neighbor’s Texas (7), Oklahoma (14), Tennessee (15), and Missouri (30).  Arkansas came in at number 35 with Louisiana at 40 and Mississippi at 49.  This means 4 of 6 states surrounding Arkansas rank better for business.  Another way to look at this is that out of the seven states in the region, Arkansas ranks in at number five.  This is not a case where yelling, “Razorbacks are Number One” is going to make a difference!  The fact is Arkansas as Coleman has been saying is coming up short.

Curtis Coleman wants to change that.  He wants to see a state where Arkansas comes up number one in the region.  Arkansas should not be bringing up the bottom of the list for business.  Consider that Arkansas is home to:
ABF Freight
Am Tran
Candy Bouquet
J.B. Hunt
Lion Oil
Murphy Oil
Mountain Valley Spring Water
Riceland Foods
Sam’s Club
Tyson Foods
USA Drug
Windstream Communications

If none of that list caught your attention, then you’re sure to recognize the Arkansas based company of Wal Mart. 

There’s no reason that Arkansas should be ranked number seven among the surrounding states.  It’s the basic argument that Coleman has set forth and he stands by each time he speaks.  Coleman doesn’t spend time saying why his opponents are wrong.  Curtis Coleman built a company going through the red tape of government both on a state level and a national level.  He deserves to be listened to at minimum by all candidates, but more importantly voters need to ask themselves one important question; “As a voter, do you want politics as usual, or do you want someone who will help propel Arkansas into a positive position for business growth, academic and vocational success, and prosperity not seen in the state in decades?”  If that’s what you want, then you want Curtis Coleman for your governor and CEO of the State of Arkansas.

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