Sep 10, 2013

Obama's Red Line at Home Equals Division

With words like "We don't need no stinking permit" We don't need bikers are planning to ride into Washington sometime during the Million Muslim March, which has a permit, on September 11th.  The bottom line....division.

Democrats and Republicans alike would be hard pressed to say that Obama's Washington is encouraging healing and brotherly love.  After all, there are 364 other days in the year that our American Muslim brothers could plan a march in Washington.  Why did they want to do this on September 11?  Why not September 10, September 8, or maybe even August 1st?  For a Muslim to plan a march on the nation's capital on September 11 is a much of a slap in the face as can be!

America is a great melting pot.  We have Muslims, Christians, Jews, Agnostics, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhist, Satanist and I'm sure somewhere there's some religious group that believes my 1975 Pet Rock is the savior of the world!  We tolerate all religions because we believe in a separation of church and state.  But we also respect each other.  Christians have killed Jews and Muslims in name of God in the past.  Catholics have killed Protestants in the name of the Father.  Yes, and Muslims have killed Christians in the name of God.  The fact is, most religions have some negative history behind them.  We'd all like to forget it and be able as Dr. King once dreamed to sit down at the table of brotherly love together.  Despite the great melting pot though, we all still have issues we deal with that will not let us sit down at that table yet, and for Americans in general, September 11 is one of those days we have issues concerning.

On September 11, two times now (thank you for that awesome response to the last attack President Obama) we have been attacked by those claiming to do it in the name of being a Muslim.  So, when a group of Muslims come together and say, "Hey, I know, Allah will be mighty proud of us if we have a march.  Let's do a Million Muslim March....and I know, let's plan it for September 11, 2013!  Yes, that will be mighty awesome."  Instead of sounding to Americans like a celebration of one of our fellow Americans individual beliefs, it sounds like they are saying, "Hey, I know, we can really piss off a lot of Americans if we plan a Million Muslim March on the same day that some of our nutcase brothers decided to kill as many Americans as possible and go see Allah!"

So, in the end the response is a bunch of bikers decide to hold a march, well a ride, on the same day.  They ask for the same permit that the Muslims got and get denied.....yes, the Obama government denied the permit for the bikers, but granted one for the Muslims.  Simply put, they mixed church and state for the Muslim March, but failed to allow what is essentially a civic group to march.

The answer is simple, hold your have 364 other days to look into for your march.   Republicans and Democrats don't hate you, you're American Muslims, but have some sensitivity, not to mention honor for your country.  If you want to be an American, then be an American, but September 11 is Patriot Day, not Muslim Day or Christian Day, or any other religion's day.  It's a day to remember that fanatical Muslims from another country tied to terrorist killed our brothers, our sisters, our friends, and our fellow countrymen.  It's a day we can not and will not forget.  Don't make it a day we feel like American Muslims have no sensitivity to.  Let's make it a day all our brothers and sisters in this great country can take a moment to remember and recognize these were not our American Muslim brothers and sisters because true Americans, regardless of religion, don't turn and cause undue division in the UNITED States.