Aug 8, 2009

The Tolbert Report

Writers already know that there is no greater compliment than to have another writer pay attention to your work. I’m blessed to have received news that another writer read Texarkana GOP. In the world of Arkansas Politics there is one name that comes to mind on the Internet as a constant for conservative information, The Tolbert Report link. Jason Tolbert is an editor, publisher, and blogger not only by his own description, but also by that of several people across the state. You only have to take a moment to look at Twitter to find that The Tolbert Report Twitter link has a following of over six hundred, a very respectable number in the new world of Twitter. To keep up with politics, Tolbert himself is following almost four hundred conservatives, bloggers, and politicians so that he can report accurately in his quick tweets as well as at The Tolbert Report. Jason Tolbert is an accomplished blogger and writer to say the least.

With this much behind The Tolbert Report, you can imagine my surprise when I recently received an e-mail from Jason complimenting Texarkana GOP. Not only did he compliment this small blog, but he also placed it in his blogroll on the opening page of The Tolbert Report. I am honored that someone of Jason’s caliber would take a moment to notice a blog from the far, southwest corner of the state. Not only did he take notice of the blog, but he is now following my Twitter page Twitter link.

The bottom paragraph here is I’m honored to be listed in Jason’s blogroll and to have received a kind note about Texarkana GOP from him. I’m grateful for the publicity he is giving by noticing this blog. So, as I continue to work toward that day when I break over into the big-time and beyond (like The Tolbert Report), I’ll follow Jason for great reporting on Arkansas Politics.