Aug 12, 2009

Preparing for Arkansas' Next Senator

It’s official; Curtis Coleman is now running for the U.S. Senate. You may have seen two previous articles here on the man with an “exploratory” web presence Curtis Coleman Site that looked like he was already in the full swing of a campaign. If you didn’t see the articles, then scroll down the screen and take a look.

As many of you know, Curtis made a visit to the Miller County Republican Committee (MCRC) link meeting on Monday night (also documented here). Just two days after that visit, he announced that he is officially running for the U.S. Senate. I’d like to think that the visit to the MCRC propelled Curtis’ confidence over the top and into the race. I’m sure that it was our outstanding discussions, questions, and common values that convinced Curtis that now is the time to run. Am I right Curtis? Well, all kidding aside and in truth, Curtis did tell us that he was very close to making a decision on running for the U.S. Senate. I’m sure the decision was one that came after months of consideration and thought.

Now comes the hard part. We as Republicans must review not only what Curtis Coleman has to say, but also what other potential candidates have to say. In the end, we will send only one person into the final round against a Senator who has been entrenched in her current position for over eighteen years. I don’t know if Curtis will be our party nominee, but one thing is for certain our candidate will be from Arkansas and will know what Arkansas needs. Maybe this alone is something Senator Lincoln should have considered before she decided to spend 99% of her time in Virginia. Just for the record, I want a Senator who listens to me, respects my opinion, and most importantly comes home to his or her home in Arkansas between sessions. So whomever ends up being the Republican nominee, just remember that he or she is really living in Arkansas (you know, where the rest of us voters live).