Jun 28, 2019

Democrat Candidates Support Medical Coverage for Illegal Immigrants

from NBC News reports

Last night at the Democrats debates the question was presented as to how many of them would support healthcare coverage for illegal immigrants.   This may come as a shock to veterans who are trying to get the healthcare benefits promised to them when they signed up to serve.  It may also come as a shock to small business owners struggling to pay taxes and maintain healthcare insurance.  It may come as a surprise to the young worker with no healthcare benefits at his job who happens to also make just a little too much money to have government subsidized healthcare.  It may, in fact, shock a lot of people, but out of all ten Democrat candidates, every single one of them raised their hand to support healthcare benefits for illegal immigrants. 

Now, for education purposes alone, let us identify what it means to be an "Illegal Immigrant."  I mean, you know we really need to clarify this for our Democrat friends reading this page!  We'll break this down simply - there are two types of immigrants to this country.  There are "Legal Immigrants" and there are "Illegal Immigrants."  Just as a head's up, we in the Republican Party support "Legal Immigrants." 

Ok, here we go - Illegal Immigrants is a person who comes to this country illegally (gentle reminder, illegal means against the law).  This person attempts to cross borders, fly, drive, or walk into the country without authorization.  We understand that some of these people are fleeing from a bad government - you know, this is usually obvious as they fly the flag of the country they are fleeing from to us.  Anyway, this person decides to sneak into the United States, defy United States Immigration laws - the laws put in place and operated for years by both Republicans and Democrat administrations - and they simply snub their noses at U.S. law.  They intend to enter the country by any means whatsoever and they intend to ignore U.S. law to do it.  That is an illegal immigrant.

Now, here we go again - Legal Immigrant is a person who comes to this country and applies for stay maybe through a student stay, a work stay, or some other avenue.  He or she decides they love this country - I know, what's not to love, right? - and they decide they want to stay.  This person then takes classes, studies, learns about the United States and the laws of the United States and he or she applies and becomes a citizen of the United States.  This person can now vote, run for office, participate in the business, and work all "legally" in the United States.  He or she can travel freely and without fear of deportation across the nation.   They are not in a nation no longer as an immigrant, but they are in the nation as a citizen.   I personally know many of these "legal immigrants" and do you know what they are most proud of?  Do you know what they say is their greatest pride about being here?  They are most proud to be a "Citizen" of the United States of America.  They are proud to abide by the laws, participate in elections, have a voice in government, and support their fellow citizens.  They honor veterans - many of them being veterans - they honor the flag, they honor "Our" country, and they cling to the American flag often with more pride and love than some natural born citizens do!  That, my friend, is a Legal Immigrant and the person you want next door and standing next to you when and if the going gets tough in America!

 The bottom line - we have a problem in this country with healthcare for citizens, healthcare for our veterans, and illegal immigration.  Instead of fixing these three problems, the current slew of ten Democrat candidates wants to extend healthcare benefits to illegal immigrants.   They want to extend healthcare benefits to people who, before they have even crossed into the United States, have violated our laws.

Your Democrat candidates have gone off their rockers!  They are trying to convince Americans that the word "Illegal" is somehow good and worthy of attention.   

I will leave you with one final thought for consideration.  If a person will assume the status of an illegal immigrant to enter the United States, do you really think that person will honor and respect the laws of this country when they get here since their very entry was based on an illegal action?

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