Oct 9, 2018

Congressman Westerman Visit and The Democrat Agenda

Westerman prepares to speak
A group of supporters and friends turned out this evening despite the rain to hear Congressman Bruce Westerman and others speak at the Miller County Republican Committee Meeting.  Wayne Smith, the committee chairman, welcomed the group and made announcements before recognizing public figures present.

Among the guest was former State Representative Prissy Hickerson, State Representative Carol Dalby, and State Senator Jimmy Hickey.  Several county officials were present including JP Earnest Pender, County Assessor Elect Nancy Herron, and County Judge-Elect Cathy Hardin-Harrison.   Several officials spoke before the congressman’s arrival and answered questions with the people present.

Congressman Westerman brought the group up-to-date on a growing economy and attributed that growth directly to tax cuts supported and passed by himself and fellow Republicans in Congress.  He noted that there has been an increase in job growth with a tremendous decrease in the unemployment rate.  He also noted that the women’s unemployment rate is at the lowest it has been in years. 

According to the Congressman, he has been amazed by some of the statements from Democrats regarding the economic growth made by opponents.  He said that Democrats have stated that Republicans did not make the tax breaks permanent; however, it was the Democrats blocked a Republican-supported bill that would have made the cuts permanent.  Now Democrats are openly stating that if they can take back the majority in Congress, they will repeal the tax cuts and in fact place new taxes on the American people. 

According to Westerman, he heard former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton say that it was “hard to be civil to Republicans when they made such a spectacle over the Kavanaugh confirmation.”   Westerman, like many Republicans, was amazed to hear this statement when in fact Democrats not only made the spectacle, but there have been rumors that they organized and even paid people to opposed Kavanaugh's confirmation. 

Westerman went on to compare many Democrats and their ideas to America to those of the French after the French Revolution.  He said that the founding fathers were “brilliant” in the way the founded the nation and that it did not need to be changed.  He noted that the French have a constitution based on rights being given by the nation whereas the U.S. Constitution notes that our rights are given by God.  According to Westerman it's easy for a nation to give and take rights away, but when your foundation declares God-given rights, people have a problem with the nation taking those rights. 

It was also interesting to note that in the House there was recently a resolution to state that the U.S. House supports the Constitution and the promise that only U.S. citizens can vote in U.S. elections.  Out of 435 members, 141 voted against this resolution or voted as present.  The entire 141 against or present the resolution were Democrats. 

Westerman also noted that recently there was a bill introduced to disband or do away with ICE.  He said 184 Democrats voted for the bill or present.  This means that essentially the Democrats wanted to do away with an organization that protects our borders.

Once Westerman was finished speaking, it should be clear to anyone listening that there are several problems with the Democrat Party of today.  In this writer's opinion, the Democrats want to:

1.      Roll back tax cuts and take more money from Americans
2.     Impeach a President and a Judge with no proof or evidence
3.     Raise taxes once they repeal the current tax breaks
4.     Open elections to anyone, not just U.S. Citizens
5.     Open our borders to allow anyone entry into the country without review

Democrats do not want a Constitution based on the rights we currently have.  They want to rewrite, redraw, and change those writes to fit their specific agenda.  They are willing to lie, deceive and even throw out the rule of law to get their way.  Any American, Democrat or Republican, should be very concerned when a party starts down such a dangerous path.

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