Oct 10, 2018

A Message to Democrats Reading This Page

Over the years we have all gotten along. We have been friends, neighbors, fellow church members, fellow civic group members, and even family members. Politics has been discussed and sometimes not. Our votes in the booth have been Democrat, Republican and sometimes a little of both.

Unfortunately, your Democrat leaders, many within your party, and some of the younger Democrats have an idea for your party. That idea is Socialism, lies, and outright falsehoods to be projected on other people. Republicans have been called Racist, Women-Haters, Bigots, and tons of other names. It has always struck us Republicans as funny that the Democrat mainstream groups would call us some of the very terms that have applied to them over the years. Although these terms are cruel, not all Democrats have believed them. Not all Democrats have supported the Socialistic views becoming so obvious. Finally, not all Democrats have turned their backs on God as one Democrat Convention almost did.

To those Democrats sitting by and seeing the changes in their party. To those Democrats seeing their 2nd Amendment rights torn away by fellow Democrats. To those Democrats seeing Socialism becoming the new chant of their party...you are not alone. We dislike it too. Your party is leaving you behind, changing, and becoming something we know you don't support or like. There is an option.

It's time to cross the line. Many of your fellow Democrats have done it. In Miller County alone we have seen lifetime Democrats wake up, see the change in their party, dislike it and reach out to the Miller County Republican Party. We are not a perfect party, but come to us and we can assure you of some things:
1. We promote equal rights for all, always have, always will.
2. We promote the Constitution as the law of the land.
3. We promote a belief in God
4. We love the flag and all it stands for in this nation, we will not trample, kneel or disrespect it.
5. We support history, truth and the foundations that are part of all American history - the good and the bad of our history.

We are you...you are us. It's time to reach across the lines and join YOUR Republican party and believe in America once more. Want to know more? It's time for you to reach out to your local Republican Party. 

You can find the Miller County party here: http://texarkana-millercountygop.com/ 

If you live in another county, you can seek your committee here: https://www.arkansasgop.org/county-committees.html

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