Jul 10, 2014

Democrats Plan to Override SCOTUS Ruling

Perhaps it should not be a surprise that Democrats are circulating a petition to override the Supreme Court's recent "Hobby Lobby" ruling regarding contraceptives.  An email circulating today from the Democratic National Committee (so it claims) indicates that the New York Times is reporting that "Democrats Draft Bill to Override Contraception Ruling".  The email offers the reader the chance to click a link and sign the petition.  So, it's clear to see a deceptive standard is still in full force with the Democratic Party.

Okay....it's time to take the gloves off!  Time-and-time again we have found that Democrats will do anything to get their agenda passed.  If you will notice, the statement above says "Democrats Draft Bill to Override Contraception Ruling".  That sounds really bad, doesn't it?  It makes it sound like the SCOTUS has ruled that contraceptives are bad, or illegal or some other deal to do strictly with contraceptives.  Let's say what it really means!  Here's the way the petition should read "Democrats Draft Bill to Override Freedom of Religion Ruling."  That's it in a nutshell.

The Hobby Lobby lawsuit was about religious beliefs.  Since the Congress, and the courts have spent years giving corporations a personhood, then by all rights that personhood should have a right to share the religious views of the board of directors overseeing the operation.  Right?  That's what the SCOTUS basically ruled.  So, if in your person, you believe that you should not provide contraceptives to others, what do you do?  You don't provide contraceptives to others.  Hobby Lobby's "personhood" decided that it did not believe in providing contraceptives to employees.  It goes against the religious beliefs of the corporation.

Before anyone goes off saying Hobby Lobby is just using Christian views to it's benefit, we need stop and look at Hobby Lobby.  The personhood of Hobby Lobby practices what it preaches.  The corporation was founded on Christian views.  They founded it so strongly on Christian views that the stores are closed on Sundays.  They pass up 52 days a year, in addition to regular holidays for the view that all employees should be able to attend church should they desire.  52 days may not seem like a lot, but Hobby Lobby has 575 stores (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobby_Lobby).   According to Forbes Hobby Lobby has a revenue of 3.3 Billion (http://www.forbes.com/companies/hobby-lobby-stores/).  Look at that again 3.3 Billion a year!  There are 365 days a year.  Now take away Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter (automatic with Hobby Lobby) and take away an additional 52 Sundays.  This gives you 55 days of the store being closed each year.  This means that the store is only open 310 days each year.  A little division will show you that the corporation makes $10,645,161.29 each day (yes that's 10 Million).  Now multiple that by the 52 Sundays the store is closed and you find that Hobby Lobby loses $553,548,387.07 each year (yes 553 million) in potential Sunday sales.  Needless to say, the closing on Sunday's alone shows the corporations commitment to it's Christian views.  This practice has cost the company billions since it was formed in 1972, and all because of a commitment to a religious view.  So nobody needs to say that Hobby Lobby is "Suddenly Christian" to avoid giving contraceptives.

The bottom line, dear Democrats, is your petition is wrong.  What you want to do is squash religious freedom.  You want cut out religious freedom on a corporate level first and force everyone to accept your views on healthcare even though it does not go with their own beliefs.  I remember a whole group of Democrats saying accept Obamacare after the first SCOTUS ruling stating that "Congress has a right to tax".  Democrats ran around telling everyone to just accept because it's the "law of the land."  Suddenly, Democrats don't agree with a ruling and it's no longer an issue of being the "law of the land," but instead they draft legislation to override the ruling.   Nonetheless, tell it like it is.  Tell the truth, and that truth is that your petition should read "Democrats Draft Bill to Override Freedom of Religion Ruling." Sadly, if anyone gives an inch for the corporate personhood, it will not be long before you use this same tactic to attack the freedom of religion of individual persons as well.  For sometime now Democrats have had a problem with God (http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/09/05/Democrats-change-platform-God-Israel).  They simply want to leave God out of the platform.  If you take time to leave God out of your platform, then it won't be long until you leave religious freedom out of your platform as well.

Republicans - we can no longer stand by while Democrats and the modern media bashes our beliefs and our freedoms.  This is no longer a sit on the sideline and watch the world roll by kind of America we live in!  Today, you have a choice, you can stand up, work for the party, fight the Democrats and those who would oppose religious freedom or you can sit by and watch.  I warn you though, if you sit by and watch, one day it will be your religious freedom that the petition and the drafted bill targets.