Mar 13, 2014

Tested and Proven: Judge Larry Burgess of Miller County, Arkansas

It’s hard to be a county judge in Arkansas.  A person is elected for a two-year term and it seems they immediately have to start looking at the next election cycle just to be ready if they want to remain in office.  Miller County Judge Larry Burgess faces the same issues as other county judges all while maintaining a county to a level where smooth efficiency is the corner post.
Since taking office, the accomplishments of Judge Burgess have been impressive.   He immediately worked to ensure a clear and transparent government was being run out of the Courthouse in Miller County.  Shortly after taking office, the county had a well maintained website with telephone numbers, emails and a list of all officials easily available to anyone with Internet access ( Not only does the site give basic information about the county, it spotlights events such as recycling days, pending repairs, Quorum Court meetings, and even features a slideshow of notable county areas both in the city of Texarkana and outside.  Judge Burgess was instrumental in bringing the county’s ability to reach the world into the Internet age.

Burgess did not stop with pulling the county into the Internet age, he continued with more work on behalf of the citizens.  Recently he was part of a group helping secure a major grant for Miller County ( The grant will result not only in work in the county, but it will also put $31,000 toward the security of the county courthouse.  The security of the courthouse has been a focus of Judge Burgess’ for sometime now and in fact he was honored with an award in Natchitoches, Louisiana for his work on the security of the Miller County Courthouse (
Judge Burgess is only now gearing up for the election season.  His focus, as always, is serving the people of Miller County.  He noted recently that he does have an opponent in the race, but that he will present his message and what is going on in the county to the people.  “I will serve the people of Miller County as long as they want me, and as long as God allows me.”  While the judge takes care of a great deal at the Courthouse, his primary responsibilities fall outside the city and in the county where roads are improving daily and citizens seem happy with the results from their judge.  Judge Burgess lives deep in the county in the Doddridge area, so he knows the importance of maintaining the county roads and county properties for all the citizens of Miller County.  Voters in Miller County would do well to keep the tested and proven Judge Larry Burgess in office.