Mar 24, 2014

Stephanie Harvin For Miller County Clerk

Stephanie Harvin
Stephanie Harvin made her public campaign debut this evening at The Cattleman’s Steak House in Texarkana, Arkansas.  A reception was held with a turn out that included a County Judge, Treasurer, and other Miller County elected officials both Republican and Democrat.   Larry Pritchett, Chair for the Miller County Republican Party, introduced Stephanie to a group that also included county committee members, delegates, and former elected officials from around the area. 

Stephanie shared some of her campaign materials and information and discussed campaign strategy with several people who have extensive campaign experience.  It was apparent that this newcomer to the political world already has a lot of ideas, plans and a strong hold on what it takes to run a campaign.  Perhaps the most important factor is Stephanie has a strong grasp on what it takes to run a county clerk’s office. 
Stephanie noted that she is known as “Stephanie with Judge Griffin’s office” where she has been employed for the last ten years.  In her current position she has served both Lafayette and Miller County.  As Chief Deputy Trial Court Assistant, she has experience with all levels of civil and probate dealing for two counties.

As the evening came to a close, Stephanie visited with various groups of supporters around the room.  Two things became immediately clear.  First, Stephanie is a people person who can talk with and get along with just about anyone.  This was apparent by the number of friends, Democrat and Republican, who showed up to support her.  The second thing that was clear is that Stephanie has a strong background serving both Miller and Lafayette County for the last ten years.  When elected as County Clerk, the county will gain tremendously from someone who already has demonstrated the ability to serve two counties now at the Miller County Clerk’s helm.