Sep 2, 2012

R or O and What it Really Means in November

President Obama seems to think that big government is the way to make the economy grow.  He in particular seems to think that government control of everything is the proper way to fix our nation’s problems.  Unfortunately, Obama has failed to learn from history.  Maybe this fundamental failure to understand history is one of the reasons he was not a highly respected professor.  Nonetheless, he has failed to understand that the government has accomplished the most when it interferes the least.

From the days of the founders, the government has relied on the people.  Anytime in history, when people have started to rely on their government, the government failed.  Ultimately, when the government failed, the nation failed, and when the nation failed, a new nation was formed.  Someone only has to look to the Soviet Union to see a prime example of the people depending on the government.  In the Soviet Union people depended on the government for food, electricity, news, vehicles, direction, etc.  They depended on it for everything.  In the end, the Soviet Union failed. 

Consider this in the Revolutionary War; the government did not defend the people.  The people defended the government.  Farmers, businesspersons, ship builders, blacksmith, physicians, preachers, and others all came together to defend the government.  The government essentially had nothing.  The government had no money, no tax system, no army, no ships, no food, no national currency, and even no building of its own.  The Declaration of Independence was drawn up in a Masonic Lodge.  The founders contributed their own money to fund the government.  The truth is the only thing the government had was some papers saying it was a government.  People came forward with their skills, abilities, money, and assets and they supported the government. 

Fast forward through all the trials this country has faced and it has always been the people who have supported the government, not the government supporting people.  At least it has been this way until recently.  When Obama took office, he immediately began doing exactly what he said he would do.  He began to force people to redistribute wealth.  He instituted a failed Soviet policy to take money from the rich and give it to the poor.  He gave away money, he gave away healthcare, he gave away cell phones, and he even gave away the Chrysler Corporation (check your records and you will see he sold it at a loss to an Italian company, Fiat).  To be blunt, he gave, gave, gave, gave, and gave.  The only problem is, he gave what was not his to give.  He gave your money away.  Obama failed to realize that until the early 1900s, this country did not even have an income tax!  The government was sponsored by the people, not through force, but through pride.  When the United States entered World War 2, the people won the war, not the government.  People worked in factories, farms, and on the front lines to ensure the United States did not become the socialist form of government that Hitler wanted.  In the end, the United States won the war, not the government.  Today, Obama has forgotten these basic principles.  Obama has forgotten that while people need help from time-to-time that ultimately people need to know how to fish, not simply be given a fish.  Obama wants Americans, every American, to be dependent on the government for everything.  Obama wants a socialist form of government that has failed repeatedly.  It failed in Nazi Germany, it failed in the Soviet Union, it is failing in Cuba, it is failing in North Korea, and it will ultimately fail in China. 

On November 6, if American’s go to the poles and elect Obama again, they will be electing him to a position where he can truly implement his plans to bring America into a socialist form of government.  Fortunately, Americans have a choice.

Mitt Romney is an American who understands American principles.  Like Ronald Reagan, Romney understands that the government should not support people, but that people should support the government.  The government is to work for the people, not run people’s lives.  Romney has seen what it takes to build companies.  He has seen what it takes to recover from hardships and financial crisis.  Romney has been a leader on the front lines when things did not look good.  Most importantly, Romney knows socialism fails.  Romney knows that the only way America is going to recover is to recover with the work of the people.  He knows the government is not the answer.  Romney will help the people by helping the government get out of the people’s way. 

In November, the choice is bigger than Republican or Democrat.  The choice, as many Democrats supporting Romney know, is for the America we built, or for the socialist America that Obama wants to finalize.  This November it is not about an “R” or a “D” behind the name.  This November the “R” in Romney means “Rebuild” and the “O” in Obama simply means it is “Over”….