Sep 11, 2012

In God We Trust

Diana Hood with "In God We Trust"

Diana Hood was a local artist dedicated to God, her country, and her family.  She lived a life surrounded by those she loved, including her husband and friends.  A few days ago she slipped peacefully away to join her Lord and wait on the arrival of the rest of her family.  Diana Hood succumbed to the brain cancer that had ravaged her for years.

As an artist, Diana never gave up on her passion for painting and design.  When asked by the Miller County Republican Committee to provide a special painting for the planned headquarters, she agreed immediately.  For over a week, Diana labored through the pain.  Her love for God, her country and fellow Republicans propelled her forward to complete a beautiful painting at the headquarters. 

Friends noted that Diana would paint, stop, rest, and even sit down for long periods of time.  As soon as she regained her strength, she would return to the task.  She had one simple mission in mind.  She wanted to provide the Republican Headquarters for the 2012 election year with a picture of the American Flag and the words, “In God We Trust”.  Time continued and hours became days.  Finally, when she had finished, headquarters staff took several pictures of Diana with her flag and the motto.  She was proud of the accomplishment. 

Diana Hood never attended a meeting at the new headquarters, but people took notice.  Few have entered the headquarters without commenting on how beautiful the flag looks.  At night, when the headquarters closes, lights are left on near the flag.  It is one of the few areas illuminated both day and night.  When Diana passed away, she was able to leave one, last contributing piece of art to the Miller County Republican Party and for the nation she loved.  She was able to incorporate God, the most important aspect of her life, into her art. 

At the end of the year, the headquarters will be released and new renters will likely move into it.  Sadly, they may even decide to paint over Diana’s painting.  In the meantime, headquarters staff continue to take pictures, share Diana’s story, and preserve the image digitally for the committee records.   The work will not be lost thanks to photography.   Diana’s work will live on in pictures of the painting named “In God We Trust”.  Facing her final months of life, Diana gave back in the only way she could.  She gave in her art.  “In God We Trust” was Diana Hood’s last painting.