Mar 10, 2012

Judge Larry Burgess: County Work Continues

Judge Larry Burgess
It is hard to pinpoint what Miller County Judge Larry Burgess’ biggest accomplishment since taking office would be.  Some people would point to the improved county roads while others might look to the cleaned up county park.  The tech crowds might point to the fact that Burgess helped bring the county into the new century with a website: Miller County Website.  The employees would likely consider the improved equipment and resources Burgess has ushered in as the best accomplishment.  One thing is certain, few people in Miller County are complaining about the county judge.  In fact, most people have nothing except praise for Judge Burgess.  People have been saying things like “great guy,” “cares about the county,” and “most improvements the county has seen in years.” 

One thing has been abundantly clear since Judge Burgess took office.  He is a “hands on” kind of leader.  He has overseen every project since his election campaign right down to the improved roads.  Because of this oversight he provides, it was no surprise to see him at the county draw Friday night.  While most of the elected and hopeful candidates left the courthouse just after the draw, Judge Burgess went back to work.  At a time when most people would head for home around 6:00 p.m., Burgess had been notified of a severe water leak in the courthouse lawn.  A damaged sprinkler head was pouring water out onto the sidewalks.  Burgess, mindful of the fact that left over the weekend the gushing water would cost the county hundreds of dollars, went immediately back to work Friday night.  There was no press, no election photographers, and no other candidates helping.  There was one county judge, committed to doing the job he was elected to do, once again saving the county money while most were enjoying their evening meals with family.