Jul 14, 2010

The Miller County Patriots Arrive!

If you haven’t already seen the T-shirts around town, you likely will soon.  They are growing, becoming more known and attracting people from all walks of life.  Their symbol is a simple Arkansas Razorback Hog with an Uncle Sam hat on top his head.  They are The Miller County Patriots and their goal is nothing short of changing the current path this nation is going down.  They are looking to elect conservative Christians, to educate and recruit people and ultimately to start what they call a “revolution” in 2010.

My first impression of the group was that it was another Tea Party movement and if you’ve followed my Tweets, then you know that while I support the Tea Party, I also encourage them to stick with the Republican Party.  As I read over the information presented by the Patriots, I found the group was actually promoting Republican candidates for the most part, or those sharing common beliefs with Republicans.  I thought this was good since my fear is that we will splinter in 2010 and 2012 and end up with an election similar to the one in 1992.  The fact is, as good as Ross Perot’s intentions were, he still pulled needed votes from George Bush and allowed Clinton to carry some areas that he might not have won.  If the Tea Party, or even the Patriot Groups, put forth their own representative, it may be the very thing needed to pull votes away from a Republican candidate and allow Obama to remain as a two term President.  We cannot afford to have this happen.  However, as I indicated though, I found nothing showing that the Patriots were trying to undermine Republican candidates.

Fortunately, those forming the Miller County Patriots have not abandoned their roots at this time.  I sat next to two of the group leaders, Dwayne Hall and Richard Wagon just the other night at the Miller County Republican meeting.  Both listened very closely, to what Jim Keet had to say, and Hall even took pictures to be posted on the Miller County Patriots site.

The group boasts a great site ((click here for site) at and an expanding Facebook Page (click) .  If you haven’t checked either one out yet, I suggest you do so.  The group is growing and I suspect you’ll be seeing more Razorback Hogs with Uncle Sam hats on around Texarkana as we move closer to the historic “true change” needed in 2010 and 2012.