Jul 13, 2010

Jim Keet: Answering the Call

Jim Keet Website

Jim Keet felt compelled to run for Arkansas Governor due in part to what he sees as a spiraling rate of borrowing that is crippling the state and the nation.  The borrowing at Washington’s level and at Arkansas’ level cannot continue.

Monday night Jim met with the Miller County Republican Committee membership to present the need for a new governor, present his agenda and compliment Texarkana’s State Representative Elect Prissy Hickerson.  Jim made it clear that he is crossing the state to provide information and has already visited forty-seven counties.

Jim is quick to acknowledge that he has an uphill battle against Mike Beebe.  Jim notes that Beebe is currently “the most popular governor in the United States.”  The problem Jim has with Beebe is the inability that Beebe has shown to stand up against Obamacare and the fact that Beebe does not want to point out when the federal government is wrong.  Beebe did eventually state that he was against Obamacare; however, his stand came only after the legislation had passed.

Jim points out other problems with Arkansas at this time.  He is concerned that Arkansas currently is at a “Competitive Disadvantage” against other states due to excessive taxes, the red tape required to build business, and the lack of a literacy and work force training.  Consequently, Jim was speaking Monday to a crowd all to familiar with the disadvantages that Arkansas has against other states.  Texarkana currently has no new car dealerships, no hospital, no small college, and most of the major business and work opportunities is located on the Texas side of the line due to the very problems that Jim is pointing out.

Jim has also promised to do something that other candidates do not.  Jim wants to walk into office and immediately take a 20% cut in pay.  He feels strongly that he must set the example to shrink big government and fix the problems Arkansas has by starting at the top.

Five areas I found interesting that Jim wants to address deal exclusively with taxes in Arkansas.  The following areas were almost bullet pointed out by Jim as he gave his presentation:
·      Jim wants to exempt combat pay taxes for those from Arkansas and serving in combat situations for our military
·      He wants to ensure that Arkansas’ military men and women have their military pensions tax free
·      He wants to cut income taxes in Arkansas
·      He wants to address the changes needed in corporate tax rates in Arkansas
·      He wants to change the capital gains tax in Arkansas

As I sat listening to Jim, it occurred to me that he wants to make Arkansas not only the natural state, but also the natural state of choice for business, retirees, and a vibrant work force.  Mike Beebe has been governor since 2007.  Before that, he served as Arkansas’ attorney general.  Maybe it is time to put an Arkansas businessman at the helm of the state instead of an attorney who sits by and expresses his voice against Washington legislation only after it has already passed.