May 22, 2010

The Smoke Clears

Well, as the old saying goes, round one is over in Arkansas.  It’s now time to get on to round two of the battle.  We had a great group of candidates for Congress and the Senate.  Any one of these folks could have served the state well in Washington and against the Democrat’s agenda.

During the campaign season, I had the opportunity to meet several of those running for office.  The one thing I liked the most was that most of the campaigns were positive.  They did not spend a great amount of time bashing each other, but rather they simply focused on talking to voters.  Here in Miller County, several of them even came to committee meetings on the same night and presented their information straightforward.  I think everyone ran great, professional campaigns.

The above being said, it’s time to get busy.  Out of the election night, Beth Anne Rankin and John Boozman emerged as our primary candidates for the November primary.  It’s now time for all the former candidates, each county party, and tea party groups to join us as we back Rankin and Boozman.  We must send these two candidates to fight for us in Washington.