May 11, 2010

Glenn Gallas: Getting Government Back On the Right Road

We have another guest writer today presenting some information about Glenn Gallas

Guest Writer: Caleb Kinley of Hot Springs is the Executive Director of
Pro Arkansans for Liberty (PAL) and the founder of Revolution Designs
( ), a small website design company located in
Hot Springs.  He is also the Bishop and General Overseer of the Apostolic
Council of Nazarene's.  He is blessed to be a father of two beautiful
children and a faithful husband to his wife Anita, who is a loving,
beautiful wife that is also his best friend. In March, Caleb and Anita
celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary.

There is no doubt in my mind that many politicians of our beloved nation
are traveling down the wrong road and have been doing so for many years at
great expense to taxpayers. At a time when our government needs to slow
down its own growth and reach, cut taxes, significantly reduce its
spending, they are instead, blatantly forging forward against the will of
the people in a way that could ultimately bring our once prosperous nation
down.  As is, the rugged course we are currently being forced to travel is
totally unsustainable and in the end, will probably fail unless we the
people can legally stop this most unfortunate monstrosity in 2010.  From
sea to shining sea, and as always when the government intervenes in the
private market, the American people will be the ones who get the short end
of the stick and suffer, just as we did with the bailouts and stimulus
plans that were supposed to "save" our economy.  When there's a fire, you
don't put it out by throwing gasoline on the flames, which is just what
bailouts and stimulus plans do.

In a nutshell, our nations frail, shaky, and failing economy is being
morphed into something far worse than it is now; a socialistic one, where
government consumes national industries in the pretense of taking care of
us from the organizations they deem to be "too big to fail."  Never mind
that socialism has never succeeded, not even once.  However, our
Constitutional Republic has been successful for two hundred years, at
least until the government started to really stray from our Country's
founding documents.  Our current representatives will not hear of our
economic warnings or listen to we the people when we warn them that they
are breaking the law and their oaths by violating the Constitution.
Therefore, to solve this pressing issue, we need someone to help bring our
nation back on the right road.  Enter Glenn Gallas.

Conservative Republican Glenn Gallas, one of two Republican candidates
vying for the seat currently held by the "Multi-TRILLION" dollar man,
incumbent Democrat Mike Ross (4th district), is [Gallas] the real deal and
brings much needed courage and conviction to the table. Unlike the
supposed 'blue dog' Mike Ross, Gallas is tough as nails and his personal
convictions will not permit him to bow down before Nancy Pelosi or Harry
Reid.  The courage of Glenn to stand against legislation that would be
harmful to Arkansans, and Americans in general, is unprecedented and
needed to help pull our nation back from the brink of economic implosion,
unlike the voting record of current Congressman Mike Ross. In fact, here
are a few of the voting records that tell the true tale of the
"Multi-TRILLION" dollar Congressman, Mike Ross.

*Cast deciding "YES" vote to let original Obamacare bill come out of
*Voted "YES" to $1.9 TRILLION INCREASE to limit on National Debt
*Voted "YES" to $192 BILLION additional Stimulus Spending
*Voted "YES" to $825 BILLION American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (H.R. 1)
*Voted "YES" to $60 BILLION Stimulus Package (H.R. 7110)

And as our luck would have it, the Heritage Foundation
just debunked the CBO's price tag on Obama Care by revealing that the
true, actual cost will be at least $2.5 TRILLION as opposed to the $940
BILLION initially expressed, which is almost three times the cost put
forth by the CBO. As you can clearly see in the "YES" vote sample, a very
small sample at that, there is nothing fiscally conservative or 'blue dog'
about Ross when you add up the fiscally irresponsible "YES" votes he has
accumulated.  Mike Ross is on the hook for over $5.4 TRILLION, just on the
few votes listed in the sample. Because of the votes of Ross, your
children and grandchildren are now straddled with and strangled by an
inextinguishable debt, meaning...a debt they can never repay or ever pay
off. Mike Ross simply does not understand that as government grows, its
growth deprives the private sector of its very life line and stunts its
growth, which is jobs. He also has failed to learn that as government
grows, the overall standard of living that we the people depend on is
lowered, and causes families to suffer needlessly. No, Mike Ross is not
part of the solution.  He's part of the problem. After all his years as a
U.S. Congressman, Ross has not yet learned that the bigger the government
becomes, the more of a burden it becomes upon individuals, especially his
constituents. Through massive taxation via bailouts, stimulus plans,
unconstitutional laws, the recently passed Health Care law, inflation
(coming soon-a hidden tax), new money (read tax) sucking programs, and not
reading the bills first, we the people are fed up with the status quo and
are fighting back in the droves against the entrenched establishment
destroying our country. And that's why he needs to go (Toss Ross!) and is
why we the people of Arkansas need to support and vote for Glenn Gallas.

Glenn will work hard to get our nation back on the right road.  He's a
proven leader, successful business owner, a fourteen year Army veteran who
faithfully served our country, he's a loving husband and caring father, a
community leader, a devout Christian and Sunday School teacher, the
founder of the Garland County TEA Party, a very strong supporter of our
second amendment rights, and a strong protector of our inalienable rights.
Glenn wants to work with we the people to bring our straying government
back to its constitutional roots. I can't think of a better person to hire
to serve we the people of Arkansas than Glenn Gallas. I truly believe that
Glenn will faithfully serve we the people of Arkansas with great respect,
strong courage, conviction, and with honor.

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