Jul 20, 2009

Obama, ACLU, and Terrorist

You know, at some point you just have to sit back and say “Duh”. Indications now seem to say that the Obama Administration is going to miss the deadline for their report on Guantanamo. Hello, Mr. President… is it just a little more complicated than you thought before you took office?

Maybe the President should have considered just what his briefing level was on Guantanamo before he promised to close it. Now, according to CNN WireCNN Link, even the ACLU is getting involved. Gee, and here I thought all they wanted to do was run God out of the United States. Turns out I was wrong, they also want to push for the closing of Guantanamo and freedom for those terrorist, potential and otherwise, living there. After all, what do we have to be afraid of? According to the PentagonCNN Commentary only one in seven terrorist return to their former terrorist activity. Those are pretty good odds if you ask me. Sure, let’s just release all the potential terrorist. I’m all for it, on one condition. I want to ensure that they have the name and address of each person in the ACLU pushing for their release. I mean the ACLU members should be fine with this shouldn’t they? After all there is only a one in seven chance that any of those potential terrorist will harm someone in the ACLU.

So, the ACLU still pushes and Obama still listens only now there is a new twist. Just as I wrote in an earlier article, it is very likely that President Obama’s head is still spinning from all the information he learned from President Bush when he took office. For over seven years, President Bush oversaw the protection of the United States. He saw the inside reports, the reports from the press and the reports from the front lines (some which we still haven’t seen). President Bush saw fit to take measures to protect Americans, a task he was elected to do. Now President Obama has been elected to handle that task. I’m sure it is a heavy load for the President. But my message for the President is simple, I respect you, respect your position, and respect you as a person, but in the end you did not know it all like you thought. Now that you are the President, you are required to know it all. Don’t you just get that “Duh” feeling?