Mar 3, 2018

Republican Wave Continues in Miller County, Arkansas

Miller County, Arkansas - The Miller County Republican Committee (MCRC) has not always been in the driver's seat when it comes to elections, but that has changed with years of dedication and hard work.  According to senior members of the committee, there was once a time when anyone filing in Miller County was told, "You can't win as a Republican, you'd better file as a Democrat."  Those days have ended.

This election cycle with recent filing being from February 22 at noon until March 1 at noon, concluded with historic numbers of Republicans filing for county offices.  In fact, it may be the first time since Reconstruction that Republicans will hold all major county seats starting January 1, 2019. These seats will all be four-year seats for the first time in history of the county and state as well!

In the County Judge race, two qualified candidates have filed on the Republican ticket with no Democrat opposition.  Roy John McNatt will face Cathy Hardin-Harrison in the primary.  After the primary, one of them will become the County Judge for four years.

The Sheriff's office also has two highly qualified candidates running on the Republican ticket.  Former Sheriff Ron Stovall will challenge incumbent Sheriff Jackie Runion for the top law enforcement position in the county.  Much like the County Judge, in January one of them will be sworn into a four-year term as a Republican County Sheriff.

Circuit Clerk, County Clerk, and Treasurer will all feature unopposed Republican candidates and current officeholders.  Mary Pankey, Circuit Clerk, Stephanie Harvin, County Clerk, and Teresa Reed, Treasurer will all be sworn into their offices on January 1st for a four-year term.

Two other top county offices will have contested primary races by Republicans.  Danny Lewis will face Nancy Herron for Tax Assessor and Laura Bates will face Tommy Crank for Tax Collector.

All the Justice of the Peace (JP) positions have already been determined with the exception of JP 2.  Al Davis will face Laney Harris in the primary for the Democrat Party.  The winner will face Janet Green, the Republican candidate, in the general election.

Counting Constable positions, JP positions, State Representatives, and major county positions, the Republicans are already guaranteed at least 19 positions on the county level.  Democrats currently have a guarantee of 3 positions, with two of them being Constables.  At the end of December, those numbers will change only by one for either party.  Republicans will increase their holdings after the primary with the Repubican-only races being decided at that time.

After years of hard work, the Miller County Republican Committee has been instrumental in helping with the Republican Wave in Arkansas.  There are too many to name all who have worked and dedicated time and effort to the cause, but the work has been well rewarded.  The committee continues to grow, continues to have influence in the area, and continues to proudly contribute to the election of Republican candidates on a county, state and federal level.

The following link will show a breakdown of the Miller County Election Cycle for 2018:
Miller County Election Cycle

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