Oct 26, 2016

Trump's Election Battle of 2016

Early voting has started in most of the country and already people are casting votes to determine who our next president will be in 2017.  We have a choice now that will set the direction of our country not only for four years, but for years to come afterwards.  Trust between the military and their Commander-in-Chief, or mistrust and fear.  Trust between the American public and their President, or loathing and mistrust.

In recent weeks I've traveled a lot of Arkansas and Texas.  Everywhere I go I see signs that say Trump.  I see a few Hillary signs, but not nearly as many as I do Trump signs.  Positive talk about Trump dominates the social media outlets - yes there is negative too, but positive seems to be everywhere.  Experts on elections have already predicted that Trump should win - allegedly this one guy has not been wrong since 1984, but everyone makes mistakes.  Unfortunately, the mass media's polls seem to reflect that Hillary is leading.

The sad part is these polls have been accurate for elections where Carter was ahead of Ford, Reagan was ahead of Carter, Clinton was ahead of Bush....and so on.  The news is now reporting that no candidate has ever won with the poll numbers where they are currently and this close to the election.  Most media outlets are already preparing to write Trump off as a has been.  I imagine many of them already have their headlines ready for November 9th.

All we can do at this point is promote Trump to the world, show what he has to offer America and remind the American voter that Trump propelled to the top of the Republican ticket not because he was popular and loved, not because he was a great politician, and not because he is a great speaker.  Trump rose because he is a non-politician.  He is the opposite of what most Americans are sick and tired of seeing everyday.  Americans are tired of business as usual in Washington - elections come and go and Congress rarely changes.  Everyone talks big about fighting Obamacare and taxes, but once the elections are over, they return to Washington and go about business as usual.  In a nutshell, they seem to be telling Americans, we only need your votes to stay here - that doesn't mean we will do anything for you.  Trump on the other hand represents the opposite of that.  From the start he built his campaign with his money, he traveled on his dime and in his jet, and he reached out with his dollars to America. He gave up countless television opportunities and has taken heat for things he would never have been accused of doing had he not run for president.

In these final days, you can tell your friends about Trump, encourage them to vote for him, but there is a good chance that he will not win.   However, as I sit thinking about Trump's situation and I watch him still reaching out to America, I'm reminded of another politician that the media once said would not win the election for President.  So confident was the press, that they even printed the article before voting was completed.   That president simply kept fighting, kept going, and when the counting was done, the headlines would forever be immortalized as being wrong.   Funny how that man's name also started with a "Tru".