Nov 10, 2015

Rusty Latham's Meet and Greet

Rusty Latham, candidate for Arkansas House of Representatives District 1, held a meet and greet at El Chico Restaurant in Texarkana, Arkansas Monday evening.  Rusty was present and presenting flyers and information to guest in the restaurant and spending time with a  gathering of
friends and supporters.  Rusty spoke briefly about his work as a youth minister and his desire to make a difference for the citizens of District 1.

Among a gathering of supporters local attorney Carolyn Whitefield expressed positive support and praise for Rusty and his leadership abilities.   Rusty presented his information and noted that he is Pro-life, for traditional marriage, and wants to see less interference from the federal government in state issues.  Rusty noted that he is "not a career politician, but rather a servant".  He feels there needs to be a "restoration of traditional family values in" the community and government.

Rusty is a graduate of Genoa Central High and a veteran of the National Guard where he served as a combat medic.  He currently serves as assistant director of youth at Unity Missionary Baptist Church and works for Windstream Communications.  Rusty entered the race and will face opponent Carl Darby in the March primary to determine who will serve as Representative for District 1.  Mary "Prissy" Hickerson currently serves as District 1 Representative, but is not seeking reelection.