Oct 28, 2015

Carol Dalby's Meet and Greet

Candidate Carol Dalby and Curt Green
On Tuesday night, Curt and Diane Green along with several sponsors opened their home for a meet and greet session with candidate Carol Dalby.  Dalby is running for the Arkansas House of Representatives District 1 seat.  This seat is currently held by Prissy Hickerson who will leave office in 2017.

Curt Green and Rep. Hickerson both shared in the introduction of Dalby to a gathering of about seventy-five people.  Local politicians, business leaders and friends gathered to hear Dalby speak about her campaign and her vision for District 1.  Dalby shared a vision that has a wider focus on growing jobs for the entire area.  Dalby noted that what affects one side of the border ultimately affects the other.  Because of our unique location, it's important to Dalby that both Texas and Arkansas thrive in the Texarkana region.

Rep. Hickerson noted that Dalby, who is an attorney and a former member of the Arkansas Supreme Court, would easily be able to read and understand proposed laws in Little Rock that might affect Texarkana.  Dalby placed high praise on Hickerson's service and noted that she would be serving as campaign manager.  Rep. Hickerson stated that she "fully endorses" Dalby and feels that she is the best choice for District 1 and the strongest choice to preserve the things important to the district.

I had the opportunity to speak with Carol Dalby briefly during the event.  A couple of things stood out immediately about this candidate.  First, she already has a firm grasp on the issues important to Texarkana and she already has solid ideas on how to continue the work of Hickerson.  The second thing that stood out is her strong personality.  I can only assume that this no-nonsense and willingness to stand up for what she feels is right has been instilled in her from years of service on the Arkansas Supreme Court.  However, there is always the chance that the trait also came from serving as an Arkansas teacher.  It is clear that Dalby is well prepared to deal with everything from our education issues to our legal issues and that she will likely make a positive impact in Little Rock on behalf of Texarkana.